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    Cool Seismic Hazard Analysis- EZ-FRISK v7.25

    Seismic hazard analysis calculates the earthquake hazard at a site under certain assumptions specified by the user. These assumptions involve identifying where earthquakes will occur, what their characteristics will be, and what the associated ground motions will be. EZ-FRISK performs both probabilistic and deterministic seismic hazard calculations:

    Probabilistic Calculations - The results of the program's probabilistic calculations are annual frequencies of exceedence of various ground motion levels at the site of interest. EZ-FRISK also calculates the mean and distributions of magnitude, distance, and epsilon causing exceedence of a specified ground motion level.

    Deterministic Calculations - The program's deterministic calculations estimate ground motions (for the mean and specified fractiles of the ground motion dispersion) corresponding to the largest magnitude occurring on each seismic source at its closest approach to the site of interest. These results can be applied to various types of structural analyses.

    Seismic hazard analysis with EZ-FRISK is driven by databases of ground motion equations and seismic sources. EZ-FRISK provides users with tools to create and maintain their own databases, and to download extensive and up-to-date databases from Risk Engineering's web server for the user's licensed regions.

    Spectral Matching

    Spectral matching makes adjustments to an input accelerogram so that its response spectrum matches a target response spectrum. You can perform spectral matching as a stand-alone task by directly providing the target spectrum, or in conjunction with a probabilistic seismic hazard analysis. When using spectral matching with probabilistic seismic hazard analysis, the target response spectrum is the uniform hazard spectrum for a specified return period. EZ-FRISK uses the well know RSPM99 spectral matching algorithm under license from Norm Abrahamson This code is based on the time domain method of Tseng and Lilanand (1988), with modifications to preserve non-stationarity at long periods by using different functional forms for the adjustment time history. The matched accelerogram can then be use as input into a site response program such as Shake91 to obtain an accelerogram that is suitable for structural analysis and design.

    A key benefit of using EZ-FRISK for spectral matching is that it has a powerful search feature which quickly provides key information in choosing an appropriate initial accelerogram. It contains a scoring feature to select the best accelerograms based on the initial response spectrum's match to the target spectrum, the degree of scaling required for the accelerogram, and the duration of the event. The search gives immediate feedback in the form of thumbnails of the unscaled and scaled accelerograms, as well as the response spectrum.

    Site Response Analysis

    Site response analysis determines a design ground motion at the surface given an input motion at bedrock. It adapts a design earthquake for rock conditions to use as a design earthquake for a particular building site. Design earthquakes are used in structurally engineering buildings or structures and analyzing the dynamic response of these buildings and structures. EZ-FRISK provides a easy-to-learn, yet powerful user interface to create your soil profile. You can analyze your simpler profiles using the industry-standard site response code, Shake91, or by using our enhanced version, Shake91+. This enhanced version analyzes more complex profiles, and accelerograms with longer durations, without compromising precision in high frequency content of the motion. A key benefit of using EZ-FRISK for site response analysis is its capability to use explicitly confining-pressure dependent dynamic soil properties.

    - ***** is included in the file EZFRISK725.rar

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