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  1. Question about calcium carbonate.

    Hello Friends,

    Need little help, I'm looking at properties of Calcium Carbonate which is used as weighting material and also in loss circulation materials.

    Can anyone help me with, what are the different Mesh Size and specification used for each Application.?

    I don't know if there is any standard like API or ISO for Calcium Carbonate, if there is then please let me know.

    Help, Highly Apperciated.


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    Re: about calcium carbonate.

    There are no API standard for Calcium Carbonate mention in API 13 Series but you can evaluate by measuring some properties i.e

    Sp.G of Solid >2.65 to 2.7
    Solubility in 15% HCl about 99%
    and as for as particle size is concern it come in

    Which can be done using Sieve Analysis

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