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Thread: International Codes and Standards

  1. International Codes and Standards


    Can any body guide me on the use of International Codes and Standards to be refered during Detail Engineering?

    Are these standards defined by PMC?

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    Re: International Codes and Standards

    Dear Friend
    I believe that those standards that clients dictate should be mentioned in tender documents ,because. they have great impact in price offer.Otherwise should be discussed during kick of meeting.

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    Re: International Codes and Standards

    Engineering Standardization (ES) is an important aspect of Project Engineering. Project Engineers need to be well versed in the field, and make use of ES judiously. The application of ES is determined at the Project ITB stage, by the client himself or by the PMC if the Compnay does hire one.

    Prudent use of ES can simplify Projects, homogenize bids, ease up the bid evaluation, minimise detailing, reduce conflicts etc. Simple mention of ES is usually not enough, they have to be followed and the client Project Team or the PMC has to ensure their compliance, while overspecification of ES can lead to price hikes, conflicting requirements and confusion, etc.

    Project Engineers on Epansion Projects face serious problems in ES application, due to diversity, ES updation, old Plants, multivendor equipment sourced from all corners of the globe, previous ES from countries having lesser ES practices etc, while for new Projects (Greenfield), it is comparitively easier.

    However, ES is no single panacea for all ills, and hunderds of ES need to be studied, their suitability reviewed before their inclusion can be considered beneficial.

    If some ES are missed out at the ITB stage, and the need is felt during bid avaluation phase during which client is educated by the bidders few ES can be agreed before award of Contract. However, post contract ES inclusion is possible only for Cost Pus Pojects, but is difficult if not impossible (even at the Kick off stage) for LSTK Projects.

    Sajid Ali Khan

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    Re: International Codes and Standards

    Hello everyone!!

    Can anyone send me din 2405 standard or upload it please??


    Read more:

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