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    Effective and Sustainable Hydraulic Fracturing

    "Effective and Sustainable Hydraulic Fracturing" ed. by Andrew P. Bunger, John McLennan and Rob Jeffrey
    Proceedings of the International Conference for Effective and Sustainable Hydraulic Fracturing (HF2013), May 2013, Brisbane, Australia.

    [link Point to another website Only the registered members can access] ISBN: 9535111375 9789535111375
    1070 pages; 132 MB, PDF with TOC BookMarkLinks

    The goal of this book is to advance hydraulic fracturing technology that is effective in its purpose and sustainable in its impacts on communities and environments by bringing together hydraulic fracturing experts not only from the oil and gas industry, but also from other application areas of hydraulic fracturing such as mining and geothermal energy production.

    Topics include hydraulic fracturing of naturally fractured formations, well completions and fracture initiation, induced seismicity, experimental investigations, and coupled modelling.

    Section 1 Keynote Lectures
    1 Fracturing Fluids
    2 Fracturing Fluid Components
    3 Fractures and Fracturing:Hydraulic Fracturing in Jointed Rock
    4 Five Things You Didn't Want to Know about Hydraulic Fractures
    5 EGS — Goodbye or Back to the Future
    6 Understanding Hydraulic Fracture Growth, Effectiveness, and Safety Through Microseismic Monitoring
    Section 2 Naturally Fractured Reservoirs 1
    7 Development of Fracture Networks Through Hydraulic Fracture Growth in Naturally Fractured Reservoirs
    8 Hydraulic Fracture Propagation Across a Weak Discontinuity Controlled by Fluid Injection
    9 Effect of Flow Rate and Viscosity on Complex Fracture Development in UFM Model
    Section 3 Regulations, Risks, and Communities
    10 Hydrochemical and Hydrogeological Impact of Hydraulic Fracturing in the Karoo, South Africa
    11 Regulatory Nirvana for Hydraulic Fracture Stimulation
    12 How Can Understanding Community Concerns About Hydraulic Fracturing Help to Address Them?
    Section 4 Naturally Fractured Reservoirs 2
    13 Numerical Study of Interaction Between Hydraulic Fracture and Discrete Fracture Network
    14 ydraulic Fracturing in Formations with Permeable Natural Fractures
    15 Injection Modeling and Shear Failure Predictions in Tight Gas Sands —A Coupled Geomechanical Simulation Approach
    16 The Role of Natural Fractures in Shale Gas Production
    Section 5 Well Completions and Fracture Initiation 1
    17 Do Perforated Completions Have Value for Engineered Geothermal Systems
    18 Differentiating Applications of Hydraulic Fracturing
    19 Initiation and Breakdown of an Axisymmetric Hydraulic Fracture Transverse to a Horizontal Wellbore
    20 Hydraulic and Sleeve Fracturing Laboratory Experiments on 6 Rock Types
    Section 6 Induced Seismicity and Slip
    21 Microseismic Monitoring Developments in Hydraulic Fracture Stimulation
    22 Blue Shift in the Spectrum of Arrival Times of Acoustic Signals Emitted during Laboratory Hydraulic Fracturing
    23 A Numerical Investigation of Fault Slip Triggered by Hydraulic Fracturing
    Section 7 Well Completions and Fracture Initiation 2
    24 Numerical Simulation of Hydraulic Fracturing in Heterogeneous Rock: The Effect of Perforation Angles and Bedding Plane on Hydraulic Fractures Evolutions
    25 Quantitative Evaluation of Completion Techniques on Influencing Shale Fracture 'Complexity'
    Section 8 Flow Paths and Flow Networks
    26 Modeling of Proppant Permeability and Inertial Factor for Fluid Flow Through Packed Columns
    27 A New Approach to Hydraulic Stimulation of Geothermal Reservoirs by Roughness Induced Fracture Opening
    28 Fracture Network Connectivity —A Key To Hydraulic Fracturing Effectiveness and Microseismicity Generation
    Section 9 Multiscale Modeling
    29 Fluid-Driven Fracture in a Poroelastic Rock
    30 Pressurization of a PKN Fracture in a Permeable Rock During Injection of a Low Viscosity Fluid
    31 Modified Formulation, s-Regularization and the Efficient Solution of Hydraulic Fracture Problems
    Section 10 Mulitiple Hydraulic Fracture Growth
    32 The Geomechanical Interaction of Multiple Hydraulic Fractures in Horizontal Wells
    33 Numerical Simulation of Sequential and Simultaneous Hydraulic Fracturing
    34 Three Dimensional Forms of Closely-Spaced Hydraulic Fractures
    Section 11 Numerical Modeling 1
    35 The XFEM with an Explicit-Implicit ----- Description for Hydraulic Fracture Problems
    36 An ABAQUS Implementation of the XFEM for Hydraulic Fracture Problems
    37 Stress Intensity Factor Determination for Three-Dimensional ----- Using the Displacement Discontinuity Method with Applications to Hydraulic Fracture Height Growth and Non-Planar Propagation Paths
    Section 12 Injection and Efficiency
    38 Secondary Fractures and Their Potential Impacts on Hydraulic Fractures Efficiency
    39 Importance of Fracture Closure to Cuttings Injection Efficiency
    40 The Fate of Injected Water in Shale Formations
    Section 13 Numerical Modeling 2
    41 Three-Dimensional Numerical Model of Hydraulic Fracturing in Fractured Rock Masses
    42 Testing and Review of Various Displacement Discontinuity Elements for LEFM ----- Problems
    43 The Impact of the Near-Tip Logic on the Accuracy and Convergence Rate of Hydraulic Fracture Simulators Compared to Reference Solutions
    Section 14 Mining and Measurement
    44 Hydraulic Fracturing Mine Back Trials — Design Rationale and Project Status
    45 Monitoring and Measuring Hydraulic Fracturing Growth During Preconditioning of a Roof Rock over a Coal Longwall Panel
    46 Estimation of the Impact of Mining on Stresses by Actual Measurements in Pre and Post Mining Stages by Hydrofracture Method-ACase Study in a Copper Mine
    Section 15 Thermo-Hydro-Mechanical Systems
    47 An Efficient and Accurate Approach for Studying the Heat Extraction from Multiple Recharge and Discharge Wells
    48 Thermal Effects on Shear Fracturing and Injectivity During C02 Storage
    49 Scale Model Simulation of Hydraulic Fracturing for EGS Reservoir Creation Using a Heated True-Triaxial Apparatus
    Section 16 Experimental Geomechanics
    50 Comparison of Hydraulic and Conventional Tensile Strength Tests
    51 Formation Fracturing by Pore Pressure Drop (Laboratory Study)
    Section 17 Optimizing Stimulation of Fractured Reservoirs
    52 Optimizing Hydraulic Fracturing Treatment Integrating Geomechanical Analysis and Reservoir Simulation for a Fractured Tight Gas Reservoir, Tarim Basin, China
    53 Investigation of Hydraulic and Natural Fracture Interaction: Numerical Modeling or Artificial Intelligence?


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    See More: Effective and Sustainable Hydraulic Fracturing

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