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    Re: Flare Gas Recovery Ideas


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    • Re: Flare Gas Recovery Ideas

      Dear friends:
      Our company has a lot of specifications can be downloaded online, such as

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      • Re: Flare Gas Recovery Ideas

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        But it seems to me conversion to diesel may be too large a step. Diesel if spilled creates a environmental problem, if instead CH4 is able to be catalyzed to C3H8 propane or C4H10 Butane the available liquid could be used in hydraulic fracturing, the pressurized liquid could be re-injected into the well to keep production active until the final drop of oil was removed then it could be sold, hauled locally via truck, rail, or if a pipeline is now present put in for pipeline transport as it only requires 200 psi to liquefy.

        In addition if the well is natural gas, the conversion to propane would allow several times the volume moved as a low pressure 200 psi liquid versus a 1700 psi high pressure gas line.


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        One of the methods of flare gas recovery that in my opinion has got a huge potential is the mini-GTL option. Several companies have achieved milestones in this regards with compact GTL being at the forefront of things.

        Generally gas recovery methods can be summarized to the following:
        compression and reinjection
        Natural Gas Hydrates
        Gas to Power (GTW)
        Gas to Liquids (GTL)

        I did a repot on flare gas recovery methods recently and it is interesting that all these methods are advancing and a lot of research and effort is going towards reducing the disadvantages of these methods and making it applicable to wider range of gas flows. The niche that is still without a method of recovery however, is gas flared in remote locations with intermediate flow rates and as said at the beginning miniGTL could be the solution hopefully.

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        • Re: Flare Gas Recovery Ideas

          Dear All,
          In my project, i have gas flare with CO2 25%, flowrate 1.5 MMSCFD, pressure 1 psia and temperature 125 F.
          Can ideas for my gas?

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            Flare Gas Recovery Ideas

            sorry guys...did'nt mean to rub anyone up the wrong way

            Just trying to help people out with ideas for getting bigger gas and not use disposables.
            I'll think twice before mentioning any other offer that may or may not help users.

            might as well delete this thread* since it's just a link now

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            • Flare Gas Recovery Ideas

              Still unwrapping T-14 pistols and correct holsters. All this stuff was way more easily obtained in the 1970-80"s when he was hitting it hard.

              Still havent figured out how to load more than three photos per post ????


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