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Thread: Petrophysics

  1. Petrophysics

    Can someone share Answers of Exercises from Dr. Paul Glover's Petrophysics book? thanks

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  3. Re: Petrophysics


    try this..


    it contains all the material by Dr.Paul Glover ... it has both question and answer also.

    hope it is helpful

    good day

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  5. Re: Petrophysics

    improud2b, the exercises answers is locked with password.
    we need password to open the pdf.
    do you know the password? thx u.

  6. Re: Petrophysics

    oh.. i was not aware that it has password..

    ok.. i will try to get pass..

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  8. Re: Petrophysics

    i have not tried any of that..


    try and if any thing works then share it..


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  10. Re: Petrophysics

    guys.. sorry.. but i don't have password..

    if any one having it.. please share would be great...

    good day

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  12. Re: Petrophysics

    So after 4 years after asking here are the passwords.
    file password
    Exercise-Caliper-A.PDF gruffalo
    Exercise-Capillary Pressure-A.PDF drole
    Exercise-Combined-1-A.PDF isleofmull
    Exercise-Introduction-A.PDF amber
    Exercise-Permeability-A.PDF cathartic
    Exercise-Porosity-A.PDF beetroot
    Exercise-Pressure-A.PDF flexion
    Exercise-Temperature-A.PDF eggnog
    Exercise-Total Gamma-A.PDF harridan

    My threads; super974 :


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