CRC Handbook of Thermal Engineering (Handbook Series for Mechanical Engineering)
Frank Kreith

To be successful in the international marketplace, corporations must have access to the latest developments and most recent experimental data. Traditional handbooks of heat transfer stress fundamental principles, analytical approaches to thermal problems, and elegant solutions to classical problems. The CRC Handbook of Thermal Engineering is not a traditional handbook. Engineers in industry need up-to-date, accessible information on the applications of heat and mass transfer-The CRC Handbook of Thermal Engineering provides it.Peer reviewed articles-selected on the basis of their current relevance to the development of new products-provide in-depth treatment of applications in diverse fields, such as:BioengineeringDesalinationElectronicsEnergy conservationFood processingMeasurement techniques in fluid flow and heat transferYou'll find complete, up-to-date information on the latest development in the field, including:Recent advances in thermal sciencesMicrothermal designCompact heat exchangersThermal optimizationExergy analysisA unique, one-stop resource for all your thermal engineering questionsFrom the basics of thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, and heat and mass transfer, to comprehensive treatment of current applications, the latest computational tools, to data tables for the properties of gases, liquids, and solids, The CRC Handbook of Thermal Engineering has it all!
Year: 1999 Edition: 1 Language: English Pages: 1200

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