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Thread: Ametank

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    Re: Ametank

    Gerge, I am trying to open it with default winrar program but winrar program says either the archive is in some other format or damaged .

    please help. please share crk for amtank 7.6 version only as separate rar file if possible.

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    Re: Ametank


    I downloaded it twice with idm and this .rar file is not being extracted by winrar saying unknown format or archive damaged. please upload it again or crk only.

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    Re: Ametank

    it's not damaged. it's archived with winrar 5.0 ( the guys from winrar changed their archive algorithm from winrar 4 to winrar 5 ) so the files archived with winrar 5 can only be opened with winrar 5.

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    Re: Ametank


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    Re: Ametank

    lavteam.nfo , use notepad to open it, first open any notepad file then go into file manu then choose open and browse to the lavteam.nfo file.

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    Re: Ametank

    Plz share the link of latest ametank version 9.x if somebody got it.

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Ametank

    Here is the link to request 7 day trial of ametank. 100 percent responded. Plz download and share

    [link Point to another website Only the registered members can access]

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    Re: Ametank

    do you have working?
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