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    Process Systems Risk Management


    Risk management is a vital systems activity across design, implementation and operational phases of a process system. This integrative systems perspective is often missing or poorly emphasized in much of the risk management literature.

    The purpose of this volume is to present a holistic approach to process risk management that is firmly grounded in systems engineering employing a life cycle approach. Throughout this volume there is a recurring emphasis on a comprehensive "cradle to the grave" approach.

    Risk management has now become a central corporate issue due to a plethora of important drivers, amongst which are legislative compliance, duty of care, financial viability and public perception of industrial and commercial enterprises.

    The last 10 years has seen substantial changes and enhancements to legislative regimes in Europe, USA and Australasia, with the aim of improved industrial risk management practice driven in most part by public demands following highly publicized major accidents. Public risk aversion to industrial operations remains a major issue where in fact perception has become reality. These and many other issues are addressed and discussed in this volume.

    Modern process risk management practice involves all levels of personnel within a corporation as well as interaction with many levels of government - from national to state and local authorities. Risk management also cuts across a wide range of professional interests - from engineers, through safety and health professionals to town planners and government administrators. Risk management also spans the purely technical through financial, social and human factors. This realization enforces a much broader perspective to the risk management challenge than given by a purely technical systems approach. Of necessity, effective risk management must consider the integration of these components with appropriate emphasis on all components as they relate to the application area.

    There are many excellent reference volumes available for the risk management professional, which often require substantial effort in gaining an indepth understanding and application of the basic concepts. Much new material has appeared in this area over the last 10 years. The present volume emphasizes the principal concepts of risk management and the practical outworking of those concepts, such that it will appeal to a wide ranging audience.

    This volume will find substantial use with engineering professionals who have specific responsibility in risk management. It provides a succinct, yet comprehensive coverage of the key components of risk management applied to the process and manufacturing industries. The subject matter of risk management is often not dealt with convincingly in undergraduate university courses and this volume provides a systems approach to teaching the material. It will be useful for both undergraduate and graduate training with a full set of presentation material being available on the web1. Aspects of risk management are often the subject of intensive, short courses, which tend to be highly focused. As such this volume provides a broader, integrative systems approach to the area.

    Health professionals as well as government administrators and town planners will also find this volume helpful in understanding the key industrial procedures that take place in order to establish, implement and maintain effective risk management systems. The contents deal with the interaction between operational location, process design, operation and land use planning issues.

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