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    Api St 521, Pressure-relieving and depressuring systems

    Api St 526, Flanged Steel Pressure Relief Valves

    Api St 527, Seat Tightness of Pressure Relief Valves

    Api St 530, Calculation of Heater-Tube Thickness in Petroleum Refineries

    Api St 535, Burners For Fired Heaters In General Refinery Services

    Api St 537, Flare Details For General Refinery And Petrochemical Service

    Api St 560, Fired Heaters for General Refinery Service

    Api St 581, Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps And Compressors For Petroleum, Services

    API St 589, Fire Test for Evaluation of Valve Stem Packing

    API St 594, Check Valves Wafer, Wafer-Lug, and Double Flanged Type

    API St 599, Metal Plug ValvesFlanged and Welding Ends

    Api St 600, Bolted Bonnet Steel Gate Valves

    Api St 602, Compact Steel Gate ValvesFlanged, Threaded, Welding, and Extended-Body Ends

    Api St 603, Corrosion-Resistant, Bolted Bonnet Gate ValvesFlanged and Butt-Welding Ends

    Api St 607, Fire Test for Soft-Seated Quarter-Turn Valves

    Api St 608, Metal Ball Valves

    Api St 609, Butterfly Valves

    Api St 610, Centrifugal Pumps

    API St 611, General-Purpose Steam Turbines

    Api St 612, Special Purpose Steam Turbines For Petroleum, Chemical, And Gas Industry Services

    Api St 613, Special Purpose Gear Units For Petroleum, Chemistry & Gas Ind Service

    Api St 614, Lubrication, Shaft-Sealing, And Control-Oil Systems And Auxiliaries

    API St 616, Gas Turbines for the Petroleum Chemical and Gas Industry Services

    Api St 617, Axial And Centrifugal Compressors And Expander-Compressors

    Api St 618, Reciprocating Compressors For Petroleum Chemical And Gas Industry Services

    API St 619, Rotary Type Positive Displacement Compressor

    Api St 620, Design and construction of Large Welded Low Pressure Storage Tanks

    Api St 620, Design and construction of Large Welded Low Pressure Storage Tanks_ad.1

    Api St 620, Design and construction of Large Welded Low Pressure Storage Tanks_ad.3

    Api St 650, Welded Steel Tanks for Oil Storage

    API St 653, Tank Inspection, Repair, Alteration, and Reconstruction

    Api St 660, Shell-And-Tube Heat Exchangers For General Refinery Services

    Api St 661, Air-Cooled Heat Exchangers For General Refinery Service

    Api St 662, Plate Heat Exchangers For General Refinery Services

    API St 670, Machinery Protection System

    API St 671, Special-Purpose Couplings

    API St 672, Packaged, Integrally Geared Centrifugal Air Compressors

    Api St 673, Centrifugal Fans For Petroleum, Chemical And Gas Industry Services

    Api St 674, Positive Displacement Pump-Reciprocating

    Api St 675, Positive Displacement Pumps - Controlled Volume

    Api St 676, Positive Displacement Pumps Rotary

    Api St 677, General Purpose Gear Units For Petroleum, Chemical, And Gas Industry Services

    Api St 682, Shaft Sealing Systems For Centrifugal And Rotary Compressors

    Api St 1104, Welding Of Pipelines and Related Facilities_Errata

    Api St 2000, Venting Atmospheric And Low Pressure Storage Tanks

    Api St 2510, Design And Construction Of Lpg Installations

    API St 2555, Method for Liquid Calibration of Tanks Api St 2610, Design, Construc, Operation, Maintenance, Inspec of Terminal & Tank Facilities

    Part 1 l

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    Part 2 l


    Api Rec 2FPS, Planning, Designing And Constructing Floating Production Systems

    API Rec 80, Guidelines for the Definition of Onshore Gas Gathering Lines

    Api Rec 520_Part 2, Sizing, Selection & Instalation Of Pressure-Relieving Devices In Refineries

    API RP 2201 (1995)

    API RP 2210 (2000)

    Api Rp 2350 - Overfill Protection For Storage Tanks In Petroleum Facilities (2Nd, 1996)

    Api Rp 2350 (1996)

    API Spec 5CT, Specification for Casing and Tubing)

    API Spec 5L, Specification for Line Pipe

    API Spec 5LC, Specification for CRA Line Pipe

    API SPEC 6A, Specification for WellHead adn Chrismass Tree Equipment

    Api Spec 6D, Pipeline Valves

    Api Spec 6D, Specification For Pipeline Valves

    API Spec 6D_ed21_1994_Suppleement2

    API Spec 11P, Packaged Reciprocating Compressors for Oil and Gas Production Services

    API Spec 12B, Bolted Tanks for Storage of Production Liquids

    API Spec 12D, Field Welded Tanksf or Storage of Production Liquids

    API Spec 12F, Shop Welded Tanks for Storagoef Production Liquids

    API Spec 12GDU, Glycol-Type Gas Dehydration Units

    Api Spec 12J, Oil And Gas Separator

    API Spec 12J, Oil Gas Separators

    API Spec 12K, Indirect Type Oil-Field Heaters

    API Spec 12L, Vertical and Horizontal Emulsion Treaters

    API Spec 12P, Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic Tanks


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    Recommended Practice

    Api Rec 2A-WSD, Planning, Designing and Constructing Fixed Offshore Platforms

    Api Rec 5L1, Railroad Transportation of Line Pipe

    Api Rec 5L3, Conducting Drop-Weight Tear Tests on Line Pipe

    Api Rec 5L8, Field Inspection Of New Line Pipe

    Api Rec 5LW, Transportation of Line Pipe on Barges and Marine Vessels

    Api Rec 500, Classification Of Locations For Electrical Instalations In Petroleum Facilities

    Api Rec 505, Classification Of Locations For Electrical Installations At Petroleum Facilities

    Api Rec 520_Part 1, Sizing, Selection & Installation of Pressure-Relieving Devices in Refineries

    Api Rec 521, Guide For Pressure-Relieving And Depressuring Systems

    API Rec 536, Post-Combustion NOx Control for Fired Equipment

    Api Rec 540, Electrical Installations In Petroleum Processing Plants

    Api Rec 551, Process Measurement Instrumentation

    Api Rec 556, Instrumentation And Control Systems For Fired Heaters And Steam Generators

    Api Rec 579, Fitness for Service

    Api Rec 580, Risk Based Inspection

    Api Rec 581, Risk-Based Inspection, Base Resource Document

    API Rec 651, Cathodic Protection of Aboveground Petroleum Storage Tanks

    Api Rec 1102, Steel Pipelines Crossing Railroads And Highways

    Api Rp 2A-Lfrd (1997)

    Api Rp 2Sk (1996)

    API RP 2T 2nd Ed

    Api Rp 5b1 - Gauging And Inspection Of Casing, Tubing, And Line Pipe Threads - 5Th Ed, 1999

    API Rp 5L ed42 Specification for line pipe 2000

    API RP 5L8 ed2 Field inspection of new line pipe 1996

    Api Rp 5Lw - Transportation Of Line Pipe On Barges And Marine Vessels - 2Nd Ed, 1996

    API RP 12N (1994)

    Api Rp 12r1 (1997)

    API RP 14B (1994)

    API RP 14C_2001-ed7_SafetySystemForOffsh

    API RP 14E (1991)

    API RP 14G (1993)

    API RP 14H (1994)

    API RP 14J (2001)

    API RP 14J_2001-ed2_HazardAnalysisOffsh

    Api Rp 16Q - Design, Selection, Operation And Maintenance Of Marine Drilling Risers Systems

    Api Rp 17A (1996)

    Api Rp 17B (1998)

    Api Rp 17G (1995)

    Api Rp 55 - Oil And Gas Producing And Operation Facilities, Hydrogen Sulfide h2S

    API RP 500_ed2-1997

    API RP 552 (1994)

    API RP 553 (1998)

    API RP 554 (1995)

    API RP 555 (2001)

    API RP 556 (1997)

    API RP 557 (2000)

    Api Rp 572 (2Nd 2001 80P)-Pressure Vessels Inspection

    Api Rp 573 - Inspection Of Fired Boilers And Heaters (1St, 1991)

    Api Rp 574 (1998)Piping System Components

    Api Rp 575 (1995) Inspection - Pressure-Relieving Devices

    API RP 576 (2000)

    Api Rp 577 - Welding Inspection And Metallurgy

    API RP 578 (1999)

    Api Rp 579 (2000) Fitness-For-Service First Edition

    API RP 582 (2001)

    API RP 591 (1998)

    API RP 621 (2002)

    API RP 651 (1997)

    API RP 652 (1997)

    API RP 683 (1993)

    API RP 686 (1996)

    API RP 687 (2001)

    Api Rp 941 5Th 1997 (Steel For Hydrogen Service)

    API RP 1102 (1993)

    API RP 1109 (1993)

    API RP 1110 (1991)

    API RP 1111 (1999)

    API RP 1114 (1994)

    API RP 1117 (1996)

    API RP 1141 (1994)

    API RP 1604 (1996)

    API RP 1615 (1996)

    API RP 1621 (1993)

    API RP 1631 (2001)

    API RP 1632 (1996)

    API RP 2016 (2001)

    Api Spec 6A, Wellhead and Christmas Tree Equipment

    ASME III NF 2004 ASME_Overview of Pressure Vessel Design_Instructors Guide

    Part 1 l

    Part 2 l


    Api - Security Guidelines Fro The Petroleum Industry

    Api - Technical Databook - Petroleum Refining - 6Th Ed (1997)

    Api 510 Pressure Vessel Inspection Code

    API BULL 2U, Stability Design of Cylindrical Shells

    API BULL 2V, Flat Plate Structures

    API Insp 510, Pressure Vessel Inspec Code_Maintenance Inspec, Rating, Repair, Alteration

    API Insp 570, Piping Inspec CodeInspec,Repair,Alteration,Rerating In-service Piping Systems

    Api Pub 327, Aboveground Storage Tanks Standard - Tutorial

    Api Pub 2030, Fixed Water Spray System For Fire Protection

    Api Pub 4465, Treatment Technologies For Refinery Wastes

    Casti Guidebook - Asme Section Ii 2000 Materials Index For Boilers And Pressure Vessels List Api Standards

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