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    Re: History Matching with ECLIPSE

    The idea of having a single one "best" history matched method is no longer a standard practice in oil industry,Now s days people tend to have a "Group" of history matched model using the Assisted History Matched Approach.For this there are a number of different softwares availabe personaly i recommned using SPT Group "MEPO" which is very powerfull and speed thing up in history matching.
    I also read a series of SPE papaers explaning the history matching step by step published by SPE :

    [link Point to another website Only the registered members can access]
    I'm sure you can find the link on ,hope this helps you.

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    Re: History Matching with ECLIPSE

    i wrote code to process history matching problem./ if anybody need help this problem, can contact with me. My email:

    My threads; vanthai88 :

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    • Re: History Matching with ECLIPSE

      If anyone needs help contact me as well

      My threads; GateKEEPER32 :

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        Re: History Matching with ECLIPSE

        I advise you code your history matching problem using EnKF instead*because you will be stuck in a local minimum. In my research I coded my history my history matching code using EnKF as specified in Evensen 2003* and compared the RMS with that from SIMopt* I foud out my EnKF inversion gave a lower RMS when compared to SIMopt* the history matched realization permeability field from EnKF gave a higher SSIM index to the true permeability maps than when compared to SIMopt.This is because SIMopt is a determinsitc method and EnKF is a stochastic method. In theory* we expect any stochastic method to be superior to the deterministic case* we pay for this in the computation time required for each realization in the ensemble.This is overcome by parallel computing(OMP) this dynamic* EnKF updates itself by the KALMAN gain matrix of the ensemble(group) which is a matrix inferred from the covariance matrix between the data(FOPR* WCT*WBHP...) and the parameter states(permeability/porosity...)

        Follow the steps in EVENSEN 2003* the FORTRAN code is in there.MRST have an equally excellent code as well. What you need to do is produce your initial ensemble using SGSIM from GSLIB or SGeMS* or for multiple point FILTERSIM from SGeMS.
        Next* choose which parameters are uncertain. It may be permeability/an or porosity...FTM etc
        Run the forward model for each realization in the ensemble
        Call the EnKF subroutine to solve the inverse problem
        Move on to the next time step.
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