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    EDS (Elecdes Design Suite)

    I need this software
    if any one have it (full working)
    or just soruce of the software
    please contact me. (

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    Re: EDS (Elecdes Design Suite)

    I have version 7.7

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    Re: EDS (Elecdes Design Suite)

    can you explain more about the modules and year of software realese
    and also
    does it works full?
    you share it free or I should pay for it

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    Re: EDS (Elecdes Design Suite)

    I am checking the forum to see your other posts and then I would deside to share the link here for free or do not share at all,

    please wait...

    My threads; khubar :

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    Re: EDS (Elecdes Design Suite)

    I know you
    you never share anything for anyone and also I know that you have some other names in this club ....

    every body else except this man ... I need this software and want to buy it
    please contact me if you have the software
    thanks alot

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    Re: EDS (Elecdes Design Suite)

    you really disappointed me I was uploading the source,...

    My threads; khubar :

  10. Re: EDS (Elecdes Design Suite)

    Hi Khubar

    can you share EDS 7.7 ?


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  13. Re: EDS (Elecdes Design Suite)

    i have

  14. Re: EDS (Elecdes Design Suite)

    Is there a version with ********?

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