PVT Pro is a professional user-friendly Windows-based software application designed for modeling of phase behavior and properties of reservoir fluids. The unique asphaltene modeling module of this software, provides a powerful tool for asphaltene precipitation prediction. This comprehensive package is an Equation-of-State (EOS) engineering tool which assists engineers to combine reliable fluid characterization procedures with robust and efficient computational algorithms to match fluid properties and experimental data. The regressed fluid parameters obtained by PVT Pro may be used to produce high quality input data for various reservoir, pipeline, production and process simulators.

PVT Pro can be used by reservoir, production and process engineers to accurately characterize reservoir fluid systems through laboratory experiments, prediction of asphaltene deposition, surface separation facilities, and finally PVT matching. This invaluable information provides petroleum engineers with a better understanding of the reservoir fluid phase behavior and can be used as a basic feature in optimum designing of reservoir future development plans.

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