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    • any one have a direct download link for caesar 5.3? and any ******** for it?! plz share it.

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    • Hi
      The above download link is not working for me can you please help me downloading it
      thank you

    • And the ******** for it?

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        solution Guest
        ******** for Caesar II ver 2011

        [link Point to another website Only the registered members can access] file/Z7wlbHJf/CaesarII_53_2011_-----.html

        please make it in one line.

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      • can you pleaes post the caeser link to 4 shared, the links are not working for me

        or send me the link



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        all the link

        [link Point to another website Only the registered members can access] file/Z7wlbHJf/CaesarII_53_2011_-----.html

        is not the ******** as it requests you contact a.n.other for a license to activate. Basically it is a scam!!!

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        solution Guest
        to : DSB123
        if you purchase Caesar II from Intergraph software
        with license not with hardware dongle
        the procedure of getting license is exact as I am giving the license to you
        I mean that you should make your machine ID with SPLM (intergraph licence manager) and sned this machine ID to the company then they give you the license code
        this was for your further information dear "DSB123"
        good luck

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        Looks like I have hit a raw nerve and you have thrown your toys out of the pram!!! All I was saying is it is not a "free" piece of software!!!!

        This was for further information to other forum members!!!

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        solution Guest
        not important what you think

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        Dear Solution,

        As I explained earlier to you when you sent me the license for 10 days, we all use softwares for educational purposes and not for making money. This is what this forum is all about. The "10 day" license is not enough for practicing a software. So we need your generosity for having this for a longer time. Unless you wish to make money out of it and I guess almost nobody in this forum would be interested.

        I hope I could make myself clear in this. So please let everyone know what your plan is.


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        solution Guest
        Dear mamali
        I send you that license
        and my purpose was that if you had any problem in your project and need Caesar II 5.3
        not be forced to pay so much money
        and you test it and told that it is full working
        you can do your works in that period of time,
        I think if some one know to work with this software this period is enough to do the project and if some one
        do not know how to work and want to start learning the software
        I think this is better to start with other versions that are available in the web,
        I did not ask you or any other else like you that I send license for, any money
        I just want to help the engineers who really need it.


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