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  1. Re: Caesar ii.2011 (5.3)

    Is this version still working after one month time?, I understand there is a version only work for one month.

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  3. Re: Caesar ii.2011 (5.3)

    People i have this error. Please help me

    1. On CAESAR run the “setup.exe” in “install” folder\click Yes\Install\Next\Accept the Terms..\Next\
    write your name & Organization\type the serial#:00103189401000\Next\Next\Next\
    Select this option "if you have a SPLM license"\cick Install\click “save” icon\Finish\
    During the installation i have this error:
    "A compatible version of the SPLM was not found on the system. Please check the compatibility matrix for the appropriate splm version and refer to the splm cd. Setup will continue installing the product, but a compatible version of splm needs to be installed and configured before you can run the product."
    I just have ok to click

    2. run “setup.exe” in “install_splm_11.00.17.00? folder\select “Smartplant License Manager Installation”\
    click next\next\display\yes\select “License Machine”\next\next\install\click “Finish”

    3.(I ALREADY DID IT A NUMBER OF TIMES, SOO I JUST ENTER IN SP******) run “******.exe” in “******” folder (don’t close at this time & don’t do anything…) then
    run “SP******.exe”\click Ok\copy the “Hardware fingerprint: xxxx-xxxx”\paste it in “HWID”\then copy
    all the contents in “Serial” & paste it in the “Key” & write your name\press OK\click “OK”\

    4. Now, browse this folder: C:\Win32App\INGR\SPLM\Bin\click “GenMachineGUI.exe”\Yes\Yes\
    write in Output file name “machined.txt”\click Ok & “Machine ID was successfully generated\click Ok\
    now, click the “machined.txt”\copy only the data in “Machine ID & don’t include the TCPIP”\paste it to
    “Machine ID”\then select in w/c software do you want to generate a license key\

    click “Caesar”\replace all the “0? values in “seats” with “1?\click “Done”\then input the #of days
    for the “License expiry date” (must be between 1-735)\then click “Generate”\copy “all” the “generated value”\

    5. click “license.exe” in “C:\Win32App\INGR\SPLM\Bin folder”\select the “Install and Remove”\press “select”\
    select “Install License Key”\press “select”\then paste all the “generated value” in “License key”\press OK\
    then “license key” was successfully installed\press Ok\
    I have this error: "SPLM:Installing License Key... Invalid key - Not within installation period"

    6. now, click “machined.txt” again..\copy the value in “TCPIP:”\run the “license.exe” in folder
    “C:\Win32App\INGR\SPLM\Bin”\select “Configure and Test”\press “select”\select “Select License Machine for Client”\
    press select\paste the “TCIP” value\press Ok\
    7.Run CAESAR
    Error: SPLM failed: License key has expired -

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    • Re: Caesar ii.2011 (5.3)

      can anyone share how to install intergraph caesar 2013??
      i've try to install it.. but it always said SPLM license failed..

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      • Re: Caesar ii.2011 (5.3)

        only install in Windows Xp in win 7 not is possible

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        • Re: Caesar ii.2011 (5.3)


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          • Re: Caesar ii.2011 (5.3)

            I installed in win 7 about a year ago but I don't recall all the steps (that I found in the net) but I recall that I
            had to create 2 wireless connections, and in the instructions you show that step is missing
            i'm looking for the full instructions because my installed program is not working anymore maybe in an upgrading to 8.1 and later to win 10 something went wrong

            Francisco Aguilar

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            • Re: Caesar ii.2011 (5.3)

              finally i got it, thx for share

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              Re: Caesar ii.2011 (5.3)

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