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Thread: Handbook of Machine Tool Analysis

  1. Handbook of Machine Tool Analysis

    Handbook of Machine Tool Analysis

    Written by seasoned experts in the field, this reference explores efficient methods of design, structural analysis, and algorithm formulation to reduce waste, noise, and breakage in system function, identify faults in system construction, and achieve optimal machine tool performance. The authors investigate issues such as force, noise, vibration, and acoustic emission to predict the durability and strength of major system components. They evaluate noise levels for different types of machine tools, the effect of abrasion, fissure, and chemical diffusion on acoustic emission signals, the role of neural networks in machine tool diagnostics, and the Kurtosis method in virtual instrumentation.

    Contains techniques to increase productivity, quality, and strength in system operation

    Provides current analytical procedures for machine tool assessment and integration in manufacturing processes

    Supplies mathematical models of major elements in the kinematic feed chain

    Presents modern approaches to precisely diagnose defects in the behavior of bearings, rolling guides, and gears

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