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Thread: European standards for piping

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    European standards for piping

    can any one please upload european standards for piping (EN 13480).
    Please its very urgent.

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  3. hello,

    i have NF EN 13480 but in french.
    do you want ?

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  6. Please upload, thanks

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    • hello,

      here the link :

      [link Point to another website Only the registered members can access]
      pass : Engineering

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    • Thanks for sharing

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        Merci pour l'information , c'est un document de grande valeur en tout cas

        ..For many things, like stress calculations this European standard is similar to ASME B3.3

        This means that if your are familiar with B31.3 or french Codeti Or dutch Stoomwezen, etc..learing EN 13480 is not complicated

        The major difference is that european Codes have to follow the PED (european directives)
        in each volume of EN 13480 , the PED requirements are summarized in appendix Z of EN 13480 in each of their volumes 1,2,3,4,5 and 6
        Each volume covers a specific topic : Genereal , Fabrication, design , testing , non metallic.

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      • thank you for the detail between ASME and NFEN 13480.

        If you want i have a lot of european norme :

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        Allways interesting those european norms!
        I'm interested!

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        Merci FATHI pour ces prcieuses infos et polo44600 pour ces liens...Thanks for sharing guys!!!...
        N'hsites pas poster stp ttes les Publications que tu possdes, i'm very interested by the topic too : que ce soit celles du SNCT (CODAP 2000 ou 2005 et CODETI) ou les Normes Europennes (EN13445 for Pressure Vessels or EN13480 for Piping)...Tu possdes galement des ditions du Code nuclaire RCC-M???

        Regards everybody...Keep posting & sharing.
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