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Thread: Basics of Mechanical Engineering

  1. Basics of Mechanical Engineering


    I have been called for an interview in a refinery. I asked one of the members working there about the intensity of the interview, he said its better to have a good knowledge regarding pumps, turbines, compressors, heat exchangers.

    I wonder if any one of the forum members could help me find the interview based questions of the latter machinery's or some thing in a compiled format.

    Asif Nayani

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    I would just say that process/refinery industries is very very big and questions could be any thing from the field. So what you need to do is : "Be Confindent" and "Remember basics of Engineering i.e. principles, definitions, working concepts of process equipments etc."

    Hope this will help. Best of luck.

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  5. Dear mbc.engg

    Well thanks for your concern and that useful advice. But still i was wondering if could get a manual or some thing like that so that i can revise all the relevant principles and definitions.

    Thats the only way i think i can make myself confident


    Asif Nayani

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