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Thread: Pipeflow (c) Pipe Flow Expert v5.12.1.1

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    Pipeflow (c) Pipe Flow Expert v5.12.1.1

    Pipeflow (c) Pipe Flow Expert v5.12.1.1


    Do you need to calculate flows and pressures in pipe networks?
    Do you need to model fluid flow with tanks, pumps,pipes & fittings?
    Would instant and accurate calculations save you time and money?
    Pipe Flow Expert is our premier software application for designing and analyzing complex pipe networks where the flows and pressures must be balanced to solve the system.
    Its features include:
    An Intuitive User Interface that is best-in-class & easy to use with Isometric 3D drawing capability... and customized PDF report generation for results documentation!
    A Robust Calculation Engine that will solve complex pipe networks Pressure Loss calculated using the Darcy-Weisbach method Friction Factors calculated using the Colebrook-White equation
    Modelling of up to 1000 pipes in the full version.
    A Fluid Database with common liquid and gas data
    A Pipe Database with common pipe materials and sizes.
    A Fittings Database with common valve and fitting data.
    The Darcy-Weisbach method provides accurate results for non-compressible fluids (including most process fluids). It also provides satisfactory results for compressible fluids when the pressure drop through the pipe system is less than 40% of the inlet pressures.

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      hi, the file was deleted, can someone re-upload it ? thank you

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