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  1. Potential Field Data


    Am trying to dowmload some potential filed data (gravity/magnetic and bathymetry) from the troll field Northern Sea, need help to find the right coordinator such as North south west and east it will be very usefull to get some help.


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    can you give us the url (web site) if it's free thanls

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    • Hi
      Thanks for replying. Here the link:

      [link Point to another website Only the registered members can access]
      thanks again


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      Hello asabdu

      First you must convert your data from UTM to (longitude latitude) degrees! i think it is a simple task.
      Simply put the interval of longitude(min and max) in the West and East of the boxes, and min and max of latitude in south and north boxes.
      Example if you have data from 45w to 40w longitude and from 20N to 40N latitude, put in the corresponding boxes the following values.: West:-45, East:-40; South:20, North: 40. The example data is for the Atlantique ocean!!

      Good luck!
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    • Dear Geobob

      Thanks a lot, did that, have also download a CGI file format, but neither montaje or other software want t plot the files!
      I could only open it as text files. What do u recommend?

      thanks in advance

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      Hello asabdu

      You must import correctly your data to montaj for example. First you create a new database and go to the menu import file for example ASCII and specify the corresponding fields to montaj. By sepecifying the correct projection of your data you can process a grid and view your data in a map.

      I think that will help you!

      If you still have difficulties, send me the data and i will try to help you.

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    • Smile

      Do anyone have QC tool (

      [link Point to another website Only the registered members can access] I only have the trial for 30 day

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