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Thread: Need IEC 60034

  1. Need IEC 60034

    Hi, Friends

    I need IEC 60034 for ugently case. Everyone has it, please kindly share me. Thanks a lot.

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  5. Thanks Nabilia!

    Do you have any IEC standard which related to Motor protection? Would you kindly share it if any?

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    Dear Nabilia,
    Above link for IEC-60034 has been broken, i am unable to download.
    Can you please upload it again ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mdm View Post
    Dear Nabilia,
    Above link for IEC-60034 has been broken, i am unable to download.
    Can you please upload it again ?
    I just clicked it and it went to the page fine, try again or use a different browser.

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    Good morning,
    Does any of you have IEC 60034-30? I couldn´t find it in the package.
    Thank you

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    • Re: Need IEC 60034

      Can you please upload it again ?

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      • Re: Need IEC 60034

        Can you please upload it again. The link says " The file link that you requested is not valid. ".

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          Re: Need IEC 60034

          It is not valid because IEC standards are not free publications. If you need them go to your boss and explain that such valuable document has to be purchased legally. It will allow new standards to be developped.

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          • Re: Need IEC 60034

            Hi IEC people

            I just wanted to discuss with you a few points that are in the minds of many engineers :

            1. First of all I want you to know that your work is considered and it's valued by most of the engineers out there.

            2. The prices of the standards are in our opinion very high (especially in the countries that are under development) and in order to keep the standards database up to date it involves huge amounts of money (purchase price, manpower etc.) which in many cases, especially now with this economical crisis are not available to be spent. Take into consideration that it is not just IEC standards, there are ISO, EN, NFPA, ASME, national standards etc. that are mandatory partially in all countries.

            3. My biggest issue it's with the revision of the standards. In most cases lately (not only IEC I am referring here) I see a commercial trend of the Standards Institutes, involving revisions of standards at very short intervals, sometimes 1...3 years, in order in my opinion in many cases just to keep the sales up. It would be an elegant solution from my point of view to set a minimum time period between revisions (lets say 5 years) in which any revision necessary it's distributed for free to the original purchasers (free download from the websites for example).

            4. Since the Standards are mandatory, it would be a good idea if the local Governments (or even EU for example) would support at least a part of the costs involved in the "production" of the standards. I don't see why the Client (the one that supports all the costs eventually) would have to pay for some standards that the Government says it's mandatory for him to follow if he wants to build something. For example comparative with the Handbooks, which are not mandatory, but only have the value of supplementary information and clarity etc. , there I don't see a problem with the prices being so high if the writer choose to, because it will be regulated by the market (value/cost ratio - which ultimately dictates the "success" of a handbook).

            5. If at least some of these issues are not approached by Standardization Institutes like you and others, I don't see how the "standards sharing over the Internet" problem will be resolved. You may even get laws to close sites like this, or even to put people in prison / pay huge fines due to copyrights laws infringement, but the documents will continue to be shared in one way or another.

            6. I don't speak in the name of any company, these are just thoughts / ideas that me and many others that I know shares.

            Best regards.
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