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Thread: ETAP POWER STATION 7 full working

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    a thumb is enough.
    Enjoy ETAP 7

    Quote Originally Posted by tak2750 View Post
    thanks a lot.very much.it helped me to run this on windows 7.

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  3. Please help

    Dear Rudi Tua
    thanks for the link that speaks about running a 32bit software in 64bit.. "How to Open and Run 32-bit Command Prompt in 64-bit (x64) Windows"

    From this please guide me how to run the installer so that peta..ETAP7 to run on the 64BIT Windows 7

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  5. 64 bit os

    Please Note that while starting of the installation ETAP itself is detecting the OS as 64bit and it is displaying that installation ETAP license manager for 64bit operating system
    with this is it possible to run the ETAP as 32 bit system
    somethnig to be done

  6. PLease, is it possible to send me another copy of Peta file?
    the one that i have is corrupted..
    thannk you!

  7. hi cadcae
    the link is not available, please help me post the other link,i have finished part 10



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  9. hi friends,
    please provide us with new links this link are deleted by Mega upload you can try it .

  10. Give new Link, The link above already removed.

  11. enlces rotos

  12. hi
    i can sent ETAP 7.1 & 7.5 With Full ----- for use

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    ETAP 7 for VISTA 64bit

    I followed procedure as wrote by Rudi for ETAP 7 Activation. It is working for windows XP 32 bit, but It is not working for Vista 64 bit.

    I have noticed two things when follow procedure
    1. I do not have option for compatibility with XP Service pack 3, but I use option for compatibility with XP Service pack 2.
    2. When using Peta6, on beggining of appearing black windows is communicates:
    could not find C:\Windows\system 32\drivers\Ds1410d.sys
    and C:\Windows\system 32\drivers\Ds2490.sys, but both files are exist in windows directory.

    I am not sure whether 1 and 2 is important, but ETAP is not working for Vista 64 and still asking about licence (key).
    Please Help

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    Etap 7 on 64-bit OS (Help me)

    Hello nagovind
    I also have same problem as you have in the installation of Etap 7 on 64-bit window 7 operating system. Have you got the solution?
    I've spent more than a week to get the solution but I failed. kindly help me if you got the solution.
    I'm waiting for your reply.
    Regards (MBBSQ)

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    ETAP 7 for Window 7 64bit
    same message appeare in window7 as you have mentioned.
    but any body have solution.

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