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    ecrin 4.1 with license

    Here is the link for ecrin 4.1 with license.

    [link Point to another website Only the registered members can access]

    See More: ecrin 4.1 with license

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    To anyone that got it working, does it matter what license method you choose during installation?

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  9. fail to ----- ecrin 4.1, does anyone try lmgrd license method?

  10. any one run?

    help me please.

  11. Please upload again.Thanks

    My threads; volokhow :

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      2 ALL:
      this is Ecrin 4.12 installer,please ----- it.

      [link Point to another website Only the registered members can access]
      this is Ecrin 4.12 all modules demo license,please make a long time license

      FEATURE ECRIN KAPPA 20100831 31-aug-2010 uncounted E880094BBA3F \
      VENDOR_STRING=5-DEMO-25-0-0-25-1-1-1-1030-0-LOCAL HOSTID=DISK_SERIAL_NUM=d4fe2f81 START=09-jul-2010 vendor_info="608c784b8e1bae64" dist_info="4bda25bb8c72fa53f4893f1f9f2a74a5a52a5df 9a194178e61a396dfb140e8adb25b374db4a88cf16af6de742 9a6a660"

      FEATURE EMERAUDE KAPPA 20100831 31-aug-2010 uncounted F67F95EFBC23 \
      VENDOR_STRING=5-DEMO-2-2-0-1030-0-LOCAL HOSTID=DISK_SERIAL_NUM=d4fe2f81 START=09-jul-2010 vendor_info="7c0fbcb0cbb52e43" dist_info="848702e163858ff80a8b77c7f7797d083d5ab00 958b98a5602406a7b4db38fd81d98f1b7e2c34655b3e313d28 fcc7e08"

      FEATURE AMETHYSTE KAPPA 20100831 31-aug-2010 uncounted 277D14DE31B8 \
      VENDOR_STRING=5-DEMO-1-1030-0-LOCAL HOSTID=DISK_SERIAL_NUM=d4fe2f81 START=09-jul-2010 vendor_info="34bccf5a27ad8358" dist_info="c7992af26c533e506d0df5b92c487448f415545 a612d1ea918c3d854e9491290a0bcfa3db09542d791aee3b15 f789f48"

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    • Dear NoFlexLm;

      The attached files are two full demo licenses for Ecrin 4.12. They were valid during 2010 year; and they are expired now. ( You can read the license files to get the right dates of validity ).

      For more details only; one license was for Ecrin 4.12 working under Windows 7; while the other was working under Windows XP.

      I hope ou may extend them to work till 2011 or any further date.

      Your posted license is working very well. Good work dear...

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