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  3. Quote Originally Posted by hkazem View Post
    Does anyone know or have an experience in modeling model tilted OWC with Eclipse. I appreciate if you could share your experience, knowledge, documents, etc. in this case with me. You can also reply me on


    I have seen this somewhere!!!I dont know to reference,,,
    but It was used different equilibrium regions!!!!
    I you could try that

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      Just revisiting an old thread - there are alternatives to how multiple contacts can come about in an otherwise connected system.

      I came across a nice (and fairly approachable) paper recently that outlines nicely some alternate scenarios. The title was "Model for Multiple Fluid Contacts in a Connected Reservoir and Its Applications", presented at June 2009 EAGE in Amsterdam, and you can find it at

      [link Point to another website Only the registered members can access]
      You may not have paid access to the site, but may be able to find it elsewhere - no I wont re-post it here sorry.

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      Thanks vinomarky

      You can get the paper through these people. Registration is free for STUDENTS !!! Not me

      [link Point to another website Only the registered members can access]

    • Re: Modeling tilted OWC in Eclipse

      does any one have experience modelling a reservoir with a tilted GWC where below a certain depth the gas is residual(in a state imbibition and above that level free gas (drainage)in eclipse. The tilted contact is confirmed and is due to burial and tectonic tilting of reservoir post charge which resulted in the elevation of the water table into the gas column resulting in residual gas followed by tectonic tilting. i.e no hydrodynamic aquifer since the water gradint is constant across the reservoir. Any suggestion on how to model such a reservoir in eclipse

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        Re: Modeling tilted OWC in Eclipse

        if your gas is residual and you could only see water pressure do you really need to model this residual gas?

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        Re: Modeling tilted OWC in Eclipse

        Hello forum. Eclipse 2018 with med is available now. I want to exchange it with new software.


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