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    Post Offshore Condensate system design, Condensate design

    Could you please help me to understand the basic design of offshore Condensate treatment downstream of three phase separator? Out of my experience in different plants, I have observed following two equipment sequence.
    1. Three phase separator Condensate booster pump Condensate Coalescer unit - Sales line
    2. Three phase separator - Condensate Coalescer unit - Condensate booster pump - Sales line

    Now couple of questions
    1. Which one is preferred and under what process conditions?
    2. In the first option because of presence of pumps upstream of Condensate Coalescer unit, is the performance of filters an issue due to frequent pumps on/off entailing pressure variations on filters?

    See More: Offshore Condensate system design, Condensate design

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  3. I would help you if you can provide more specs. you are asking a question which tcan takes hours to answer pal.

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