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  1. AD 2000 Merkblatt

    Anyone knows some link for AD 2000 in company has AD in German but I really need english version????

    ....or atleast B section (B0 to B13), B stands for Design?

    Thank you.

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  3. I don't have (english version availabel for me just in the office PCs), but if you have concrete question, I can answer to you...
    my personal email adress:

    B and S pages include the design method and criteria for part of pressure vessel and heat exchanger design...such: heads, cylindrical, lugs etc...and some external reference for calculation (flange: DIN 2505, baseplate: BS5500 etc...WRC107)

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  5. Well I am going to need to make an documentation for 3 different pressure vessels by the end of this month, and am having a real trouble with the german version. There would be TO MUCH questions from me to just post them every time I get stuck somewhere (and that is a lot of times ), so was wondering if any one could give me the link to english version of AD (or mail it to me).

    If you could do that from the office comp I would be very grateful to you, and if necesery I can send you the German version just so you know that I do own it an am not trying to get it for free or anything.

  6. A: Ausrüstung, Aufstellung, und Kennzeichnung -->Equipment, installation, and labeling
    B: Berechnung: Caclulation
    G: Grundsatze: Principles
    HP: Herstellung and Prüfung: Manufacturing and Testing
    N: Drückbehälter aus nichtmetallischen werkstoffen: Pressure Vessel from Non-metallic materials
    S: Sonderfälle: Special cases
    W: Metallische Werkstoffe: Metallic Materials
    Z: Zusätliche Hinweise: Evident from Instructions

    [link Point to another website Only the registered members can access] sorry, but I came home...BUT, I upload for you some sample calculation.. cylindrical, head, WRC and other... (rapidly, sorry, but I don't have enough time ) I need to go run to river bankment, and FRIDAY NIGHT? AND Saturday hehe) good luck

    [link Point to another website Only the registered members can access]

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  7. Thank you VERY,VERY,VERY much for all that, especially those calculations.

    About, AD 2000, that is what I have but just in PDF's seperatelly, and not in this form, so THANK YOU anyway for that.

    If you will be able to give it to me in english once you get to office I would appreciate it A LOT.


    And you dont have to introduce me to Hungary, since I am from Croatia and quite familiar with your fact I was once in Budapest....although I was young.
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    Relating to this AD 2000 Merkblatt, Could somebody give me some shed of light on the difference between AD 2000 Merkblatt (pressure Vessel) with ASME VIII Div 1 ?


  10. may be...everything ) but if somebody know the analitical solutions, no problem the solution of these standards...this is my oppinion

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    Could you upload the file again, please ? your link have reached maximum download.

  12. i tried to go to the link, but says can be downloaded only ten times, download limit reached needs to be uploaded again, please help

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