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  1. Cost for Reservoir Simulation Study

    Hi All,

    please i need tis much will it cost to carry out a simulation study and how much does Eclipse(Modules: E100,E300,Schedule,FlowViz,VPi) or CMG(Modules:IMEX,GEM, WinProp) cost.

    thanks all!!


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    Figure $50-100K for the software licenses (depending on which features you need) and 1 month x $1K per day = $30K for simulation study

    All very approximate, but in line with the amount of information you have furnished

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  5. Re: Cost for Reservoir Simulation Study

    How to resolve warnings in CMG GEM simulator run.

    Stuck with a warning message-

    Small value(s) (< 0.00001) for Sgc/Sorw/Sorg are being used in some Fracture
    blocks. Recommend slightly larger values. Zeroes should not be used.

    My threads; mayank ahuja :

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      Re: Cost for Reservoir Simulation Study

      It depends on run time, complexity, number of cells, expertise and length if project. Normally in range of US$1K to US$ 3K per day. Now multiply with number of days that can be 20 days to 1 full year.


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