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Thread: KBC-PetroSim

  1. KBC-PetroSim

    Who can provide Installation & ********, please...please.....

    "Petro-SIM and Petro-SIM Express are our full-featured process simulators, featuring KBC technology and proven process models. Both include general-purpose unit operations, an extensive component library, a range of thermodynamics packages, and innovative methods to fully integrate the software with plant information systems, databases, Microsoft Excel, and the LP. Petro-SIM and Petro-SIM Express allow you to link any of the reactors in our comprehensive SIM Suite.

    Our industry-proven KBC SIM Suite reactor models for refining include:
    FCC-SIM (for Fluid Catalytic -----ing)
    REF-SIM (for Reforming)
    HCR-SIM (for Hydro-----ing)
    HTR-SIM (for Hydrotreating)
    DC-SIM (for Delayed Coking)
    VIS-SIM (for Visbreaking)
    ALK-SIM (for Alkylation)
    ISOM-SIM (for C6 Isomerisation)

    Models for petrochemical processing include:
    AROM-SIM (for Xylene isomerisation and aromatics transalkylation)
    Olefin-SIM (for pyrolysis furnace modelling)

    KBC refinery reactors are the market leader for modeling processes within the refineries and for generating LP data, and Petro-SIM is the only process simulator to integrate the KBC SIM Suite reactor models into a flowsheet environment.

    KBC software tools are backed by top-tier support staff, accessible worldwide through the KBC support center or on-site training sessions to leverage your software investment."

    See More: KBC-PetroSim

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  5. Still waiting...,
    Seems none has the solution...

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  6. KBC has a good reputation in refinery modeling and it is useful for process engineers. But it is not easy to posses a cr.......
    I hope that someone could help us.

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    please share instalattion files for vers 3.2
    many thanks

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    good software, I have 3.0 version with a temporary license.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by View Post
    good software, I have 3.0 version with a temporary license.
    could you plz share it with us? thank you very much

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  12. hi
    install files&license contain
    unisim,uhx,cpd+uop&shadow plant refinery reactors????

    Quote Originally Posted by polaris44 View Post
    can you do unisim too if I give you sample of license file

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