Dassault Systemes GEOVIA MineSched 2021 v9.6 is Full tested.

MineSched 2021 Refresh 1

Highlights of MineSched 2021 Refresh 1 include:

General Enhancements:

New ability to use SDM files when setting up the Haulage process, providing a consistent data format across the whole Tactical Mine Planning solution.
Improved experience when utilizing D fields for Haul road names. The undesirable suffix applied when using D Fields to define road names has been removed.
Improved experience when exporting Graphical Results.
Users are now directed to the correct 3DSupport website when logging a request.
Users can now select the reports they wish to Export to MS Access or ODBC, which will be a significant time saver if large reports exist.

Stability Improvements:

Correction to mismatched values for a Plant and Stockpile on the material movement tab
A rounding issue that prevented Fill locations being marked as full was resolved
Material Movement rules now correctly recognize ratio/priority values of 0
A material movement reporting mismatch was resolved
Warning flags now appear for the following cases:
When production rates exceed capacities;
When Haulage routes are incorrectly set up;
When Stockpile starting balances do not contain both a Volume and Mass value
When a schedule is set up to run outside the minimum and maximum date range
The issue that resulted in a blank Animation Canvas after the schedule was completed has been resolved
Users that use a blank space to define the hundred and thousand number differentiator can now do so
An issue with the use of certain Cyrillic characters when creating Detailed Haulage Reports has been resolved
The symbol «Б» can now be used in the Wildcard expression builder
A flaw discovered when defining material ratio targets for multiple destinations has been fixed

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