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Thread: tnavigator 21.1 is available now

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    tnavigator 21.1 is available now

    Hi forum
    tnavigator 21.1 with m*e*d is available now
    You could find me with this address: ******
    tNavigator is a powerful software for dynamic simulation of oil and gas tanks. This program is a collective effort of RFD researchers and development team. It can be installed on personal systems, laptops, servers and even HPC clusters. The program is written in C ++ and uses the latest parallel processing technologies and hardware accelerators. The processing speed and performance of this program is commensurate with the hardware capacity of the host system.
    Definitely, if you run the program on cluster systems with multiple processing cores, you will see a significant increase in the speed of simulation and processing operations. No technology has been spared to maximize the processing speed of complex models, NUMA, Hyperthreading, MPI / SMP hybrid computing and در have been used well where necessary. All of these technologies have been used to ensure that the program serves the professionals with maximum efficiency and outperforms other competitors by a significant margin.

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    Re: tnavigator 21.1 is available now

    I have tnavigator 2021.1 and its tutorials. if someone need, we could friendly exchange. contact me:

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    tnavigator 21.1 is available now

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