Hi Community,
Schlumberger Mepo 2020.1 is available now.
To get more info about the software and its M*E*D and know how you should get the links of download please contact me: ***tnudefski@gmail.com***

MEPO is a step change in the reservoir engineering workflow. It substantially enhances the value of your existing reservoir simulation models with a multiple realization approach that enables you to not only model your reservoir, but to optimize it for maximum performance. MEPO can improve your reservoir decisions in a number of areasfrom determining the best locations for infill wells, to selecting the optimal development scenario, understanding uncertainty, or semi-automating laborious tasks such as history matching. Best of all, it works in harmony with your existing reservoir simulator and is simple to understand and use.
Instead of manually modifying your simulation files before each simulation and using complex tools and spreadsheets to analyze your results, MEPO offers easy-to-use, automated tools that can modify your base case, launch multiple simulations, and provide powerful analysis.

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