Hi Community,
Schlumberger Pipesim 2020.1 is available now.
To get more info about the software and its M*E*D and know how you should get the links of download please contact me: ***tnudefski@gmail.com***

In a word, with Schlumberger PIPESIM software, the correct amount needed to achieve the challenges of fluid flow and production optimization can be calculated.
One of the biggest concerns of engineers is the safe design of wells and pipelines so that the produced fluids reach the process facilities safely and cost-effectively. The foundation of proper modeling of production systems is based on the following three main scientific areas, all of which are included in PIPESIM:
Multiphase Flow Modeling: PIPESIM employs a wide range of industry standard multiphase current communications as well as advanced three-phase mechanical models. This model makes it possible to calculate the flow structure, fluid latency, material motion characteristics, and pressure reduction of all stations along the production path.
Liquid Characterization Modeling: PIPESIM provides two choices for the user, one is related to industry standard black oil concepts, and the other is a range of hybrid models of equation states. Depending on the application, users can choose from a wide range of features in the software to model a wide range of fluids.
Heat selection modeling: Accurate prediction of heat transfer is critical in calculating the temperature of the desired fluid properties in the system, the formation of solids, and, in principle, for all global thermal design systems. PIPESIM performs energy balance calculations calculated for a variety of heat transfer mechanisms.

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