ISO 13443 : Standard Reference Conditions

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The standard reference (or base) conditions of temperature and pressure to be used for measurements and calculations carried out on natural gases in the gaseous state are 288,15 K and 101,325 kPa for the real dry gas.
The physical properties to which these ISO standard reference conditions apply include:
volume, density, relative density, compression factor, superior calorific value, inferior calorific value and Wobbe index.

The Calculations of these quantities are given in ISO 6976.

In the cases of calorific value and Wobbe index, both the volume of gas burned and the energy released by combustion shall relate to the ISO standard reference conditions.

It is recognized, however, that in certain circumstances it may be impracticable or even unallowable to use the ISO standard reference conditions. For example, national legislation or contractual obligations may demand the use of alternative reference conditions.

For this reason, ISO 13443 is used to convert a Physical value at a given Base Conditions To the required new Base Conditions
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