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Thread: 2021 New Softwares List

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    2021 New Softwares List

    You can ask testing video to certify softwares,not trust only list.
    If you need something to be tested,also contact us.
    (press Ctrl+F to find your need)

    [link Point to another website Only the registered members can access] ####################################
    AGI Systems Tool Kit (STK) 12.0
    Aldec Active-HDL 12.0
    Aldec Alint Pro 2020.07/2021.02 x64
    Aldec Riviera-PRO 2020.04/2021.04 x64
    Altair Activate 2020.1/2021.0 (Server License) Linux64
    Altair Compose 2020.1/2021.0 (Server License) Linux64
    Altair EDEM 2020.3.1/2021.0 (Server License) Linux64
    Altair FEKO (Server License) 2020.1.2/2021.0 Linux64
    Altair Flux 2020.1/2021.0 (Server License) Linux64
    Altair HyperWorks CFD Solvers (Server License) 2020.1/2021.0 Linux64
    Altair Solvers 2020.1/2021.0 (Server License) Linux64
    Altair HyperWorks Virtual Wind Tunnel UltraFluidx 2020.1/2021.0 (Server License) Linux64
    Altair Inspire 2020.1/2021.0 (Server License) Linux64
    Altair Extrude Metal 2020.1/2021.0 (Server License) Linux64
    Altair Extrude Polymer 2020.1/2021.0 (Server License) Linux64
    Altair Form 2020.1/2021.0 (Server License) Linux64
    Altair newFASANT 6.2.11 Linux64
    Altair WRAP 4.23.2
    Altair Seam 2019.0 v7.5.2011
    Altair SimLab 2020.1/2021.0 (Server License) Linux64
    Alteryx Intelligence Suite (Designer) 2021.1 x64
    Amberg Tunnel 2.17
    AMIQ DVT Eclipse IDE 21.1.21 Win/Linux
    AnaGlobe Thunder 3.6.3 Linux
    AnyBody Modeling System 7.3.3 x64
    AnyLogic Professional 8.7.4
    ANSYS Apache RedHawk 2020R2.1/2021.1 (Server License) Linux64
    ANSYS Apache Totem 2020R2.1 (Server License) Linux64
    ANSYS Apache PowerArtist 2020R2.1 (Server License) Linux64
    ANSYS Products 2021 R1 (Server Floating License) Linux64
    ANSYS Electromagnetics Suite 2021R1 (Server License) Linux64
    ANSYS Electromagnetics Suite 2020R2 (Server License) Linux64
    ANSYS Lumerical Suite 2021 R1.4 (Server Floating License) Linux64
    ANSYS Lumerical Suite 2020 R2.4 (Server Floating License) Linux64
    Aquaveo Groundwater Modeling System (GMS) 10.4.10 x64
    Aquaveo Surface-water Modeling System (SMS) 13.0.14 x64
    Aquaveo Watershed Modeling System (WMS) 11.0.7 x64
    Arm Development Studio 2020.1
    ATK Magic Tool Suite 7.4
    AVEVA Bocad 2.3
    AVEVA Everthing3D 3.1
    AVEVA Instrumentation.12.1
    AVEVA LFM Server 5.3.0
    AVEVA Point Cloud Manager x64
    AVEVA Review 12.2
    AVEVA P&ID.12.1.SP2.x32&64
    AVEVA PDMS.12.1.SP5
    AVEVA Marine.Hull&Outfitting.12.1.SP5
    BAE ShipWeight Enterprise 13.12 x64
    BAE ExpressMarine 2020_4.1 for Rhino 6.x
    Beicip-Franlab OpenFlow Suite 2020
    BluePearl Visual Verification Suite(VVE) 2021.3 Linux
    BluePearl HDL Creator Stand Alone 2021.3 Linux
    BOBCAD-CAM V30/v33 x64
    BobCAM for Rhino V1
    BV HydroStar For Experts 7.30 x64
    BV Veritas VeriSTAR Homer 2.1 x64
    CATENA SIMetrix/SIMPlis 8.4
    Cadence EMX Planar 3D Solver 6.0 Linux64
    Cadence ICADVM 20.10.080
    Cadence Integrated Circuit (Virtuoso): IC 6.1.8 (IC06.18.030_Hotfix)
    Cadence Integrated Circuit (Advanced Node Virtuoso): ICADV 12.3 (ICADV12.30.700_Base)
    Cadence Spectre Circuit Simulators: SPECTRE 20.10 (SPECTRE20.10.068_Base)
    Cadence Virtuoso IP Foundation Characterization: LIBERATE 15.1 (LIBERATE15.10.000)
    Cadence Assura Physical Verification: ASSURA 4.16 (ASSURA04.16.001-618)
    Cadence Extraction Tools (Quantus QRC): EXT 19.1 (EXT19.10.000_Base)
    Cadence Physical Verification Systems: PVS 15.2 (PVS15.21.000_Hotfix)
    Cadence Manufacturability and Variability Sign-Off: MVS 15.2 (MVS15.20.000_Base)
    Cadence Encounter Conformal: CONFRML 19.20 (CONFRML19.20.100_Base)
    Cadence Genus Synthesis Solution: Genus 19.10 (GENUS19.10.000_Base)
    Cadence Innovus Implementation System: Innovus 19.10/20.10 (INNOVUS19/20.10.000_Base)
    Cadence Joules RTL Power Analysis: Joules 15.14 (JLS15.14.000_Hotfix)
    Cadence Silicon Signoff and Verification (Tempus/Voltus IC): SSV 20.20 (SSV20.20.000_Base)
    Cadence Stratus High-Level Synthesis: STRATUS 19.10 (STRATUS19.10.000_Base)
    Cadence Indago Debug Platform: INDAGO 15.10 (INDAGOMAIN 15.10.001_Base)
    Cadence JasperGold Apps: JASPERGOLD 20.03 (JASPERGOLD20.03.000_Base)
    Cadence Metric-Driven Verification: MDV 18.03 (MDVMAIN 18.03.001_Base)
    Cadence Xcelium Verification Platform: XCELIUM 19.09 (XCELIUMMAIN19.09.008)
    Cadence Allegro ECAD-MCAD Library Creator: SPBS 17.4 (SPBS17.21.000_Base)
    Cadence Sigrity: SIGRITY 2019 (SIG19.00.000_Base)
    Cadence Silicon-Package-Board Co-Design: SPB 17.4 (SPB17.40.009_Hotfix)
    Cadence Tensilica Xtensa Xplorer 7.0.9 Linux
    Calsep PVTsim Nova 3.0 x64
    Carlson Civil Suite 2021 x64
    Carlson iCAD 2021 x64
    Carlson Precision 3D Topo(LandXML) 2021 x64
    Carlson Survey Embedded 2021
    Carlson SurveyGNSS 2.2.1 x64
    Carlson Takeoff R11 x64Certainty3D TopoDOT 2020.2/2021.1 x64
    CivilFEM for ANSYS 2020 R1 x64
    CivilFEM for ANSYS 2019 R1 x64
    CivilFEM 2020 powered by Marc 2019.1 x64
    CivilFEM 2019 powered by Marc 2018.1 x64
    Cliosoft SOS 7.05 Linux
    CLC Genomics Workbench 21.0.4 Win/Linux
    CGERisk BowTieXP 10.0.8/10.2.0
    CGG HampsonRussell 10.4.2/10.6.0 x64
    CMG (Computer Modelling Group) Suite 2019.101/2020.101 x64
    Concept GateVision 6.12.18/7.0.5 Win/Linux
    Concept SpiceVision 6.12.18/7.0.5 Win/Linux
    Concept StarVision 6.12.18/7.0.5 Win/Linux
    Concept RTLVision 6.12.18/7.0.5 Win/Linux
    Coreform Cubit 2021.4 x64/Linux64
    Coreform Trelis 17.1.0 x64/Linux64
    Coventor CoventorMP 1.002/1.101 x64
    Coventor CoventorWare 10.100
    Coventor SEMulator3D 6.0/6.1/7.0/8.0 x64
    Crosslight APSYS 2018/2019
    Crosslight Pics3D 2018/2019
    Crosslight Csuprem 2016
    Crosslight LastIP 2015.07.01
    Crosslight NovaTCAD 2016
    Crosslight ProCom 2011
    Crosslight Sawave 2016 x64
    CST STUDIO SUITE 2020 (Server License) Linux
    CST IdEM 12.0 Win/Linux x64
    Datamine AutoScheduler x64
    Datamine Discover 2021 Build 21.0.216 x64
    Datamine Discover 2020 Build 20.5.18 x64
    Datamine Studio 5D Planner 14.26.83
    Datamine DataBlast
    Datamine MineTrust 2.26.32
    Datamine Studio EM 2.5.21 x64
    Datamine Studio OP 2.6.40
    Datamine NPV Scheduler 4.30.69
    Datamine Fusion Suite 9.0 SP5
    Datamine irovision 6.2
    Datamine CCLAS 2.40
    Datamine Studio UG 2.3.27
    Datamine EPS 3.1.42
    Datamine SOT 3.1.2280
    Datamine AEGIS 5.48.142
    Datamine Studio RM 1.5.65
    Datamine Strat3D 2.2.82
    Datamine OreController3.23.53
    DDS FEMtools 4.1.2/4.2.0 x64
    DENTSPLY Simplant Pro 18.5 x64
    Deswik Suite 2020.1/2021.1 x64
    DHI FEFLOW 2021 v7.402 x64
    DHI MIKE ZERO 2020.1/2021.1
    DHI WEST 2020.1/2021.1
    DHI MIKE URBAN 2020.1
    DHI MIKE+ ArcGIS 2021.1
    DHI MIKE+ 2021.1
    DNVGL Leak 3.3
    DNVGL Patran-Pre 2018
    DNVGL Nauticus Hull 2013 v11.3
    DNVGL Nauticus Machinery 14.3.0
    DNVGL Maros 9.3.1
    DNVGL Phast&Safeti 8.2/8.0/7.2
    DNVGL Sesam GeniE 8.1 x64
    DNVGL Sesam HydroD 6.00 x64
    DNVGL Sesam Jacket Design 2020 x64
    DNVGL Sesam Marine 2020 x64
    DNVGL Sesam Package 2020 x64
    DNVGL Sesam Pipeline Tools 2018
    DNVGL Sesam Topside Design 2020 x64
    DNVGL Sesam Wind Manager 5.2 x64
    DNVGL Sima 4.0.2/4.1.0 x64
    DNVGL Synergi Plant RBI Onshore 5.6
    DNVGL Tero 5.3.1
    Dorado Twaker 1108.2016c Linux
    DS BIOVIA Discovery Studio 2019 v19.1.0 x64
    Earth Volumetric Studio 2019.6
    Eliis PaleoScan 2019.1.2 x64
    EMIT Maxwell 7.1
    EMIT Maxwell CSIRO Suite 4.0.57
    Encom QuickMag 3.0
    Envirosim Biowin 6.2
    ERDAS ORIMA 2020
    ERDAS PRO600 2020 for MicroStation V8i
    ERDAS Extensions 2020 for ArcGIS 10.6-10.7
    ETA Dynaform 6.0.5/6.1.1 x64
    ETA Inventium PreSys 2020 R1 x64
    Express Marine 2019 v2.1 For Rhino 6.0
    FIDES WALLS-Retain 2021.111
    FIDES WALLS-Dimensioning 2021.109
    FIDES WALLS-FEA 2019.035
    FIDES SlipCircle 2020.105
    FIDES EarthPressure 2020.105
    FIDES GeoStability 2020.191
    FIDES Flow 2020.105
    FIDES CantileverWall 2020.105
    FIDES GroundSlab 2019.035
    FIDES Settlement 2020.105
    FIDES Settlement2,5D 2020.273
    FIDES BearingCapacity 2020.105
    FIDES PILEpro 2019.035
    FIDES WinTUBE-2D 2020.178
    FIDES WinTUBE-3D 2020.178
    FIDES SteelCON 2020.324
    FIFTY2 PreonLab 4.3
    Flownex SE 2020 v8.11.1
    Frontline Analytic Solver Platform 2020/2021
    Frontline Plug-in Solver Engines 2020/2021
    Frontline Solver SDK Platform 2020/2021
    Fullagar Geophysics Emax 5.30c
    Fullagar Geophysics EmaxAIR 5.39
    Fullagar Geophysics VPem3D 3.382 x64
    Fullagar Geophysics VPmg 7.1
    Gamma Technologies GT-SUITE 2019.1/2020.2
    Geochemist Workbench Professional 11.0.8
    GeoMedia Desktop 2020
    GeoTeric 2018.1 x64
    Geovariances ISATIS NEO Mining 2020.02 x64
    GMI Caliper 2.0
    GMI Imager 5.6
    GMI ModelBuilder 1.5
    GMI SFIB 5.3
    GMI WellCheck 2.5
    Gohfer 9.1
    GRLWEAP 2010-7
    Hexagon NCSIMUL 2020.0 x64
    Hexagon SMIRT 2021.0 x64
    Honeywell PREDICT 6.1
    IGILTD p:IGI 3.5
    IHS Piper 2018 v18.1
    IHS WellTest 2019 v19.1
    IHS Harmony Enterprise 2020 v20.1
    IHS Kindom 2019 x64
    IHS Petra Standard 2020 v3.14
    IHS PHA-Pro 8.5.1
    IHS QUE$TOR 2019 Q3/2020 Q1/2021Q1
    IHS SubPUMP 2020 v1.0
    IMST Empire XPU 7.61/8.03
    InstaLOD Studio XL 2019
    Integrated Engineering Software Amperes 9.2
    Integrated Engineering Software Coulomb 9.2
    Integrated Engineering Software Electro 9.2
    Integrated Engineering Software Faraday 9.2
    Integrated Engineering Software Magneto 9.2
    Integrated Engineering Software Oersted 9.2
    IntelliSuite 8.8 x64
    Interactive Petrophysics 4.5.5
    Intergraph CADWorx (include Equipment) 2019.v19.0.0 x64
    Intergraph CADWorx Structure 2017 x64
    Intergraph CAESAR.II 2018.v10.00 x64
    Intergraph GT STRUDL 2016.v35.0
    Intergraph PVElite 2018 SP2 v20.0.2
    Intergraph Smart3D 2016 x64
    Intergraph SmartPlant P&ID 2014 R1
    Intergraph SmartPlant Interop Publisher 2014.v10.00 x64
    Intergraph SmartPlant Review 2017.v12.00
    Intergraph Review Publisher 2012.v09.00
    Intergraph Spoolgen 2014 R1
    Intergraph SmartSketch 2014.v08.00.00
    ION GMG Millennium 5.7
    JFOLD 7.02
    Kelton 1.8
    Keysight GoldenGate 2020 Linux64
    Keysight Physical Layer Test System(PLTS) 2018/2019/2020
    Kongsberg LedaFlow Engineering 2.6
    Korf Hydraulics 3.5
    Lakes CALRoads View 6.5
    Leica CAD 2020
    Leica HxMap 2.7/3.1/3.2/3.3/3.4 x64
    Leica Infinity 3.3.2/3.4.2 x64
    Leica IMS Map360 3.1 x64
    Leica Mintec MineSight 13.0 x64
    Leica HxGN MinePlan (ex.Mintec MineSight 3D) 2019R4 v15.6-2/2020 v15.7 x64
    Leica MultiWorx 2020 For AutoCAD 2013-2020 x64
    Leica CloudWorx 2020 for MicroStation V8i
    Leica CloudWorx 2020/2021.0 for AutoCAD 2018-2021
    Leica CloudWorx 2020/2021.0 for BricsCAD 18.1-22.0
    Leica CloudWorx 2020/2021.0 For PDMS 12.1 SP4
    Leica CloudWorx 2020/2021.0 for Navisworks 2018-2021
    Leica CloudWorx 2020/2021.0 for Solidworks 2018-2021
    Leica CloudWorx 2020/2021.0 For Revit 2018-2022
    Leica Cyclone 2020.1.0/2021.1.0 x64
    Leica Cyclone 3DR 2020.1.0/2021.1.0 x64
    Leica Cyclone REGISTER 360 2020.1.0/2021.1.0 x64
    Leica Cyclone FIELDWORX 2020.0.1 x64
    Leica FlightPro 5.4.8
    Leica FlightPro Simulator 5.4.8
    Leica GeoMoS 7.3
    Leica MissionPro 12.6.1/12.7.0/12.8
    Leica SpiderQC 7.3
    Leica XPro 6.4.4 x64
    LFM Server 4.4
    Linearx Filtershop 3.4
    Lorentz PeakView 5.08 Linux64
    LSTC WinSuite R12.0.0 x64
    LSTC LS-DYNA MPP R12.0.0 Linux64
    Materialise 3-Matic 15.0/16.0 x64
    Materialise e-Stage 7.2 x64
    Materialise Magics 25.0 with Simulation 3.0 x64
    Materialise Magics 24.1 with Simulation 2.2 x64
    Materialise Mimics Enlight(Medical) 2.0 x64
    Materialise Mimics Medical 24.0 With 3-Matic Medical 16.0 x64
    Materialise Mimics 24.0 With 3-Matic 16.0 x64
    Materialise Mimics Medical 23.0.2 With 3-Matic Medical 15.0 x64
    Materialise Mimics 23.0.2 With 3-Matic 15.0 x64
    Materialise SimPlant Master Crystal 13.0
    MecSoft VisualCAM 2021 for SOLIDWORKS
    MecSoft VisualCAD/CAM 2021
    MecSoft RhinoCAM 2021 For Rhino 6.x/7.x
    Micain mWave Wizard 8.0/8.1/9.0
    Microsemi Libero SoC Design Suite Platinum 12.6/2021.1
    MicroSurvey CAD 2020 Studio
    MicroSurvey EmbeddedCAD 2020 v20.0.6 Premium
    MicroSurvey FieldGenius 10.3.31
    MicroSurvey STAR*NET Ultimate x64
    Mentor AMSV (Analog/Mixed-Signal Verification) 2021.1 Linux64
    Mentor Calypto SLEC 10.1 Linux64
    Mentor Catapult High-Level Synthesis 10.1b Linux64
    Mentor Calibre 2020.2_14.12 Linux64
    Mentor Certe Testbench Studio 2011.3a.Linux
    Mentor HDL Designer Series(HDS) 2021.1 x64/2020.2 Linux
    Mentor HyperLynx VX 2.8 x64/Linux64
    Mentor LeonardoSpectrum 2014
    Mentor ModelSim 2021.1 x64/2020.4 Linux64
    Mentor PowerPro 10.2 Linux64
    Mentor Precision Synthesis 2019.2/2020.2 x64
    Mentor QuestaSim 2021.1 x64/Linux64
    Mentor Questa Formal 2021.1 x64
    Mentor Questa Ultra 10.6a/10.7b Linux
    Mentor Questa Verification IP (QVIP) 10.6 Win/Linux
    Mentor ReqTracer 2009.3
    Mentor Tanner Tools 2019.2 x64
    Mentor Tessent 2020.2 Linux
    Mentor Visual Elite 4.4.1 R2012.09 Win/Linux
    NeuraLog 2020.01
    NeuraLog Desktop 2019.09
    NeuraMap 2019.9
    Mvtec HALCON
    Modelithics COMPLETE Library 16.1 for NI AWRDE
    AWR Design Environment with Analyst 15.0 x64
    NuHertz Filter Solutions 2020 v16.7 With All Export
    NovAtel Waypoint GrafNav/GraphNet 8.70.8722
    NovAtel Waypoint Inertial Explorer 8.7.8722
    Oasys MassMotion 10.5 x64
    Oasys Suite 17.1/18.0 x64
    Optenni Lab 5.0 x64
    OPTIMA Opty-way CAD 7.4
    Optiwave OptiBPM 13.1
    Optiwave OptiFiber 2.0
    Optiwave OptiFDTD 15.0
    Optiwave OptiGrating 4.2.2
    Optiwave OptiInstrument 2.0
    Optiwave OptiSPICE 6.0
    Optiwave OptiSystem 17.1 x64
    OPTUM G2 2020/OPTUM G3 2020
    Orica SHOTPlus Professional 6.3.0
    OrthoGen 10.2 for CADWorx 2017
    pIGI 3.5.1
    Partek Genomics Suite 7.18.0723 x64
    Paradigm 18.0 Full Suite Win/Linux
    Palisade Decision Tools Suite 7.6.1/8.0/8.1
    PathWave Vector Signal Analysis (89600 VSA) 2021
    PathWave Physical Layer Test System (PLTS) 2021
    PC-DMIS 2019R1 x64
    Petroleum Experts IPM 11.0 x64
    PointCab 3D-Pro 3.9 R8 x64
    PointCab 4Revit 1.3 R0/1.4.2 x64
    PointCab 4BIMm 24.01 For ArchiCAD 24
    PointCab 4BIMm 23.02 For ArchiCAD 23
    Polar Instruments CGen Si.2013.v13.02
    Polar Instruments Si8000 2016.v16.05
    Polar Instruments Si9000 2016.v16.05
    Polar Instruments Speedstack 2016.v16.01
    Quanser Quarc 2.6(Matlab 2017a)
    Remcom Rotman Lens Designer (RLD) 1.7
    Remcom Wireless InSite
    Remcom XFdtd
    Remcom XGTD 2.5/3.1.2
    Rock Flow Dynamics RFD tNavigator 19.4/2020 x64
    Schlumberger ECLIPSE Simulation 2020.3/2020.4 x64
    Schlumberger OilField Manager OFM 2019.1
    Schlumberger OLGA 2019.1/2020.2
    Schlumberger PIPESIM 2019.4/2019.5/2020.1 x64
    Schlumberger PetroMod 2019.1/2020.1 x64
    Schlumberger OMNI 3D 2019.0/2020.0 x64
    Schlumberger VISTA 2019.0/2020.0 x64
    Schlumberger Flaresim 6.0
    Schlumberger Symmetry 2020.4 x64
    SCIEX PeakView 5.0
    SDS/2 2020.04 Detailing
    Sigasi Studio XPRT 4.11
    Silicon Frontline R3D/Ethan/P2P/ESRA/F3D 2019.1 Linux
    Silvaco TCAD 2020 Win&Linux64
    Simberian Simbeor THz 2018.03
    SIMULIA Opera 2020 SP1 x64
    SimulationsPlus ADMET Predictor 9.0
    SimulationsPlus DDDPlus 5.0
    SimulationsPlus GastroPlus 9.5
    *** Sim4Life 6.2.0 x64
    SNT EXata Developer 5.3
    SNT QualNet Developer 6.1
    Sonnet Suites Professional 17.56 Win64/Linux64
    SPEAG SEMCAD X Matterhorn 19.2.0 x64
    StrataGen Fracpro 10.10.26
    StrataGen StimPro 10.10.19
    Synopsys Custom Compiler 2018.09-SP1 Linux64
    Synopsys Custom Design(XA) 2020.03-SP1 Linux64
    Synopsys Custom WaveView/CustomExplorer 2018.09-SP2/2019.06
    Synopsys Design Compiler(Synthesis) 2018.06-SP5/2019.12-SP2 Linux64
    Synopsys Embedit 2019.06-SP1 Linux64
    Synopsys FineSim 2018.09.SP2 Linux64
    Synopsys Formality 2018.06-SP1/2019.12-SP2 Linux64
    Synopsys Hspice 2018.09-SP2/2019.06 Win/Linux
    Synopsys IC Compiler II 2018.06-SP1/2019.03-SP5 Linux64
    Synopsys IC Compiler 2018.06-SP5/2019.03-SP1 Linux64
    Synopsys IC WorkBench Edit/View Plus 2017.09 SP1 Linux64
    Synopsys IC Validator 2019.12-SP2 Linux64
    Synopsys Identify FPGA 2018.09-SP1 Win/Linux
    Synopsys LucidShape 2019.06
    Synopsys Library Compiler 2014.09.SP4/2018.06-SP1 Linux64
    Synopsys PrimePower 2018.06-SP3 Linux64
    Synopsys PrimeTime Suite 2018.06-SP1/2019.03-SP2 Linux64
    Synopsys RSoft Photonic Component Design Suite 2019.03 Win/Linux64
    Synopsys RSoft Photonic System Design Suite 2019.03 Win/Linux64
    Synopsys Saber 2019.06 x64
    Synopsys SaberRD 2019.06 x64
    Synopsys SiliconSmart 2018.09 Linux64
    Synopsys Simpleware 2018.12 x64
    Synopsys SpyGlass 2019.06-SP1 Linux64
    Synopsys StarRC 2018.06-SP1 Linux64
    Synopsys Synplify FPGA 2018.09-SP1/2019.03-SP1 Win/Linux
    Synopsys TCAD Sentaurus 2020.09 SP1 Linux64
    Synopsys TetraMAX ATPG 2018.06-SP1 Linux64
    Synopsys VCS 2018.09-SP2/2019.06 Linux64
    Synopsys VC_Static 2020.03-SP1 Linux64
    Synopsys VCS-VIP 2018.09 Linux64
    Synopsys VCS-MX 2018.09-SP2 Linux64
    Synopsys Verdi 2018.09-SP2/2019.06-SP1 Linux
    TechnoSoft AMETank 14.3.11
    Tensor Research ModelVision 17.5
    Tesseral 2D 7.2.9
    Tesseral Engineering 1.0
    Tesseral Pro 5.1.02a
    The Unscrambler X 11.0
    Thunderhead PetraSim 2020.2 x64
    Thunderhead Pathfinder 2020.5/2021.2 x64
    Thunderhead PyroSim 2020.5/2021.2 x64
    Thermo Fisher Scientific Amira 2019.4/2020.3 x64/Linux64/MacOSX
    Thermo Fisher Scientific Avizo 2019.4/2020.3 x64/Linux64/MacOSX
    Thermo Fisher Scientific PerGeos 2019.4/2020.3 Win/Linux
    Thermo Fisher Scientific Open Inventor Toolkit 10.9.0
    TICRA Tools 20.0/CHAMP 3.2/Grasp 10.6/POS 6.2.1
    Trimble Business Center 5.30 inc UASMaster 9.2 x64 FULL
    Trimble eCognition Developer 9.0.2 x64
    Trimble eCognition Essentials.1.2.x64
    Trimble Photogrammetry 11.0 x64
    Trimble UASMaster 11.0 x64
    Trimble RealWorks 11.3.2 x64
    Trimble Vico Office R6.0 x64
    Veesus Arena4D Data Studio Professional 7.1/8.1/9.0
    Veesus Arena4D Renderer 2.6/3.1/3.4 for Rhino 6.x/7.x
    Wind River Simics Base 6.0
    Wind River Simics Eclipse 6.0
    Wind River VxWorks 7.0 with Workbench 4.0
    Wind River VxWorks with Workbench 3.3
    VPI transmissionMaker/VPI componentMaker 9.5/9.8/9.9/10.0
    WinGLink 2.21
    xShoe4Rhino 4.0.2021 for RHINO7

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