Hi everyone,
I am in need of PEP reports from IHS. If anyone have them, please share.

PEP 275: Advances in Natural Gas Conversion Technologies
PEP 191A Liquid Hydrocarbons from Synthesis Gas
PEP 100: Chemical Production by Fischer-Tropsch and Related Syntheses
PEP 247A: Advanced Gas-to-Liquid Proces
PEP 247E Value-Added Products from GTL Plants
PEP 247D: Large-scale Gas-to-Liquids Plants

PEP 286: Biomass Pyrolysis
PEP 258: Biomass Gasification

PEP 216 : Acid Gas Treatment and Sulfur Recovery
PEP 32C: Hydrogen Production

PEP 180C, 180D: Advanced Carbon Capture


PEP 44, 44A, 44B Advances in Ammonia Technology

Thank you very much in advance.

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