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Thread: Golder FracMan 7.8

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    Golder FracMan 7.8

    Hi Community,
    Fracman 7.8 is available now. To get more info about the software and its M*E*D and know how you should get the links of download please contact me: ******
    Golder’s proprietary FracMan software suite provides unrivaled power to solve practical geological and engineering related issues, in civils and infrastructure, mining, oil, gas, renewables, and the power and nuclear waste industries.
    By building geologically realistic models of the rock mass structure, DFN models can accurately capture both the geometry and connectivity of the fracture network, as well as the geometry of the associated intact rock blocks. DFN models are stochastic models, so the likelihood of an occurrence such as block instability, or size, can be determined through the generation of multiple scenarios. Most importantly, DFN models provide a clear and reproducible route from site investigation data to modeling, because real fracture properties are being preserved through the modeling process.

    Services include:

    Fragmentation assessment
    Engineering optimization through kinematic stability
    Hybrid DFN-FEM finite element stress evaluation
    Upscaled properties input for other numerical models
    Mining method simulation
    Mineral resource evaluation
    Hydrogeological evaluation

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    i have fracman7.80, if you have the latest installer, i'll send *****to you. contact:

    My threads; little32bad8 :

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