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Thread: Software skills for Reservoir Engineer

  1. Software skills for Reservoir Engineer

    What are some of the absolutely essential software to know for a Reservoir engineer. Some of the renowned software that companies out there use. Thank you all.

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  3. Re: Software skills for Reservoir Engineer

    SPE published a skill matrix table a complete skill set that a reservoir engineer needs to have and develop along her/his career. One area that a Reservoir engineer must have and dominate is pressure analysis, interpretation and design. For this there are very powerful tools in the market that helps petroleum, systems, software, mechanical, chemical, industrial, any engineer who wants to learn about reservoir engineering must master and understand.

    Pressure analysis
    IHS Welltest
    Kappa Sapphir
    Others will recommend petrel pressure analysis module, or even Halliburton landmark tools. In my opinion they are too small and does not cover the entire cases and models that are in the above two.

    Production Analysis
    Kappa Topaz
    Kappa Citrine
    IHS Harmony
    OFM (for Oil fields)

    Reserves Management, DCA forecast and economics
    Aucerna Value Navigator
    Schlumberger Peep

    Analytics and ML
    TIBCO Spotfire

    Simulation Software for advanced reservoir engineers
    Eclipse (Schlumberger)
    TNavigator (Rock fluid Dynamics, I actually recommend this better)
    Intersect (Schlumberger - is the latest version that runs within petrel)

    Programming Languages
    Visual Basic
    C/C++ Not essential but very god to know, one or the other or both

    There are many more tools, even those each reservoir engineer writes in excel or existing like virtuwell for nodal analysis and VFP modelling, but in principle every reservoir engineering areas, hold their own best tool that the industry uses in order to execute the task at every stages of the hydrocarbon exploration, exploitation, development. This also include the areas of Convenional, thermal or unconventional plays. Each uses their own tools.

    Please don't take this as the ultimate recommendation, as your question is very complicated to answer with only a simple list, but I hope it helps you to fill the software list that helps engineers to execute their jobs. Along with the tools is the major library repository we all use and that is

    [link Point to another website Only the registered members can access]
    Good luck and please share your findings with everybody else in this community.


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