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Thread: Rock Flow Dynamics (RFD) tNavigator 2020.1

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    Rock Flow Dynamics (RFD) tNavigator 2020.1

    Hi Mems.
    tNavigator 2020.1 is available with Med now. To Get software send a message to this address:
    tNavigator Modules that featured in new license consist of:
    Geology Designer
    Model Designer
    PVT Designer
    VFP Designer
    Network Designer
    Black Oil Simulator
    Compositional Simulator
    Thermal Compositional Simulator
    Assisted History Matching and Uncertainty Analysis
    Graphical User Interface

    See More: Rock Flow Dynamics (RFD) tNavigator 2020.1

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  3. Re: Rock Flow Dynamics (RFD) tNavigator 2020.1

    Hi Members.
    tNavigator 2020.1 is availabe now.
    To get software and med contact to: breakcodex96{at}gmail{dot}com

    My threads; PetroTools :

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  5. Re: Rock Flow Dynamics (RFD) tNavigator 2020.1

    If someone has tNavigator 2020.2 ONLY Installer ?
    I can give him free license.

    My threads; PetroTools :

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