Hello everyone,

This is fairly my first post on this forum since I started being member. First at all, I apology in advance for my broken English as this is not my native language.

My question now is related to how many methodologies for energy recovery assessments proven to be efficient are available in the industry.
In my mind, I only have the Pinch Analysis methodology (Process Integration Analysis) as the most practical and widely used for optimizing energy consumption in oil refining plants (and other industries).

I am looking for a company to perform a heat interchange network evaluation in the plant I work for to know: 1. What's the highest heating to be recovered with my current design and current equipment conditions. 2. What low investment changes we should make (re-arrange, equipment removal, follow good practices, other minor changes) using my current equipment to reach the maximum heat recovery. And 3. What should be the optimal heat exchange network/configuration using the best technology available to have the highest heating recovery at the maximum profit.

At this moment, although I am not 100% familiar with it, I am wanting the candidate consultant company to use the Pinch Analysis to perform the study.

Am I limiting the company with my requirement? Should I be more open to other methodologies? What experiences have you had in your plants? What companies do you suggest me to contact?

Your contributions will be truly appreciated.

Luisa González

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