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Thread: Certification for API-650 tanks vs ASME VIII

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    Certification for API-650 tanks vs ASME VIII

    Hello everybody
    My company is a certified U constructor for pressure vessels according to ASME VIII div.1 and now would like to offer also storage tanks (atmospheric pressure), but in my opinion the ASME VIII is not applicable since that is not strictly applicable to a 14 psi internal pressure, and may require bigger saddles/legs than it is really required, but I'd like to know also from you if I'm making a wrong assumption.

    I found there is the API-650 standard, but since I haven't read it yet in detail, I am asking you some aspects of the "certification and marking" of a tank made that way. If you have experience in ASME VIII tanks and can help me making a comparison of the two standards will be the best.

    - Do we have to apply to some external body like we did with ASME to get a formal authorization to build them?
    - Do we have to stamp, mark, or similar the tank for traceability?
    - Is there a body like the National Board where we have to register our vessels before shipment or everything comes as self-certified by the constructor?
    - Is required also for API-650 an external Authorized Inspector witnessing the construction phases like in ASME or not?

    Any other detail about obtaining the status of API-650 constructor or ASME equivalencies will be highly appreciated, in the meantime I will start reading the 500+ pages of the API-650 standard.

    Thanks a lot!

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  3. Re: Certification for API-650 tanks vs ASME VIII

    You should use API 620, ASME does not cover it. ASME VIII.Div 1 is applicale for 15 psi and above.
    But if the design Code (ASME) has been specified by your client or user and if it is acceptable to the regulating bodies in your state/country, you can use ASME as the design code.
    You are still allowed to design the tank as per rules and requirements of the Code and even you can stamp the tank (U Stamp) if you want to. All you need to design is to follow all rules of the ASME code.

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