Greetings Sirs;

I need some help with an equipment I have designed with U Stamp.

I performed the calculations with PV Elite 2018, and the computed MDMT for the flange resilted in -1 ºC, when the MDMT required is 3ºC. So then, the program says that no impact test is required for the flange.

Nevertheless, when the ASME inspector went to revise the report, found that it wasn´t properly computed, that I should have used curve A instead of B. I thought that the software, when you set material and dimensions, it decides which curve has to use.

Speaking with the inspector, he told me that for casting materials, the higher thikness of the flange must be used, instead of the hub thikness... Can anyone that had experience with casting flanges explain which section shall I take in account to compute properly the MDMT?

In addition, I need to know if there is any way to decrease the computed MDMT using a reduction factor.

Many thanks in advance!

See More: Impact Test Requirement for casting flanges per ASME VIII Ed 2017