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Thread: Crude Oil suitable for lube base oil production

  1. Crude Oil suitable for lube base oil production

    Dear All

    Our refinery is located in Karachi, Pakistan. We process Arabian light crude because its atmospheric residue is highly suitable for lube base oil production due to its high viscosity and low pour point. We are the only lube base oil producer in Pakistan and our GRM is mainly depend on lube base oil production.

    Due to current scenario, loss of supply from saudia arabia ARAMCO, i have been assigned to find crude alternate of Arab light that will suitable for lube base oil production. I searched but unable to find the crude alternate of Arab light although we found iranian light is same as arab light but due to sanction we cannot buy crude from there. In Pakistan we are the only one that produce lube oil so we don't have any references. Please suggest from your experiences and reference what other crude is process in rest of the world to produce lube base oil.

    Arab light crude assay is attached.

    [link Point to another website Only the registered members can access]

    Best Regards

    Muhammad Farhan

    Process Engineer

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    Re: Crude Oil suitable for lube base oil production

    Asslkm wr wb,,,

    helo Farhan,
    i'm also working as process eng in lube base oil production especially for the production lube base oil group III+
    suitable crude for production lube base oil is high paraffin (high wax)
    could you tell us what process do you have and upstream process before lube plant.

    thank you

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