Hi Folks,

i just need some clarification, we are using process parameter for the consequence analysis tool which is Pressure and temperature for any component in SafeSite3G or FRED. It is giving the flow rate on auto by calculating the release rate by leak size.

However i have noticed that the leak rate calculate by the software is 3,4 time more than the flow rate of pipeline (as per PFD) i.e. As per design calculation /PFD it is giving max flow from that pipe is 120 KG/Sec , however software calculated based on Pressure , temperature and hole size and it is 450 KG/sec. and it turns the consequence result very high.

So which parameter we need consider? 120 KG/sec (max pipe flow) or software calculation 450 KG/sec? because software has option for the user defined function of changing release rate as required.

Please advise who have experience this.

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