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    Atex motors and gear reducers 2014/34/UE

    Hi Guys,

    I've always looked and found lots of infos in this forum, but never opened a thread, so here I am for the first time. And please be patient if my english explanations are not so good ;-)

    My question is related to the explosive environments, typically the Atex certifications, because we are preparing a device compliant with the european directive 2014/34/UE.

    We have a device operated by an electrical 3-phase 0,18 kW motor, with an Atex classification. To decrease the speed, this motor is coupled with a worm gear reducer ratio 15:1, so that the 1800 rpm of the motor is reduced to about 120 rpm at the final shaft.

    The thing is that this reducer does not come with an Atex certification, but we however prepared the risk assessment document and we ran the typical tests to verify the goodness of the assembly (electrical continuity and thermal measurements under stress) to verify that the sources of ignition are extremely low, so from my point of view we have documented and mitigated the risk.

    My question is: is there anything in the 2014/34/UE or any related directives that forces me to use a certified gear reducer, or is it something related to the risk assessment document and thus I can potentially use the non-certified reducer?

    Thanks a lot

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    Re: Atex motors and gear reducers 2014/34/UE


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    Re: Atex motors and gear reducers 2014/34/UE

    Thanks a lot, that is exactly what confirms my assumptions, meaning that the non-electrical parts are evaluated by us on the risk assessment document that we are going to submit to the notified body, and do not need necessarily an Atex declaration and marking by the supplier.


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