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    Petroleum Reservoir Simulations: A Basic Approach (+ CD Companion)

    Petroleum Reservoir Simulations: A Basic Approach (+ CD Companion)

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    Petroleum Reservoir Simulations is one of the best tools that the reservoir engineer has at his disposal, allowing the engineers and geologist to create the most efficient and cost effective plan possible for drilling and production. If your simulation is faulty, too general or inaccurate in any way, this can affect the production, cost and time spent at the site, which affects the bottom line. Any of these problems can happen when a simulation is generated from a program that is outdated, an unproven method.

    This book offers a practical, real-world approach to solving reservoir simulation problems. As a reference for the engineer in the field, it offers a new approach, using more mathematical models for the engineer to devise his or her own approach to their particular problem.

    Table of Contents

    1 Introduction 1
    2 Single-phase fluid flow equations in multidimensional domain 7
    3 Flow equations using CVFD terminology 43
    4 Simulation with a block-centered grid 63
    5 Simulation with a point-distributed grid 123
    6 Well representation in simulators 181
    7 Single-phase flow equation for various fluids 207
    8 Linearization of flow equations 283
    9 Methods of solution of linear equations 325
    10 Introduction to modeling multiphase flow in petroleum reservoirs 365
    A User's manual for single-phase simulator 421

    See More: Petroleum Reservoir Simulations: A Basic Approach (+ CD Companion)

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  3. Thank you

    Thank you very much

    I could not find ( CD Companion )...

    Would you please share with me



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        Thanks, the book is nice..., it doesn´t have de Cd companion.

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          but the two links 1,2 did not work

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              • sir i need password of this file. because winrar on extracting this file is asking for password. do u kindlyent me the password so that i get benefit of it


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                password please

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