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    Gas Storage Tips

    I have a compressed gas cylinder in my home. Can you share the safety tips to store compressed gas cylinder?

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    Re: Gas Storage Tips

    The exposure of cylinders to direct sunlight or sources of flame or sparks, including cylinders of carbon dioxide, oxygen and acetylene. The increase in temperature causes the gas to expand and thus increase the pressure, which may lead to the possibility of volatilization or explosion - storage in a secured place and place,
    - - Cylinders stable on the ground in the vertical position and isolates the cylinders if discovered that the base is not full level and to ensure the stability of the ground and the difficulty of vibration as a result of any casual shock.
    --cylinders are secured by chains to avoid falling and installed beside the wall or the dedicated vertical post.
    4-Balf is secured by a condenser for compressed and empty cylinders as well.
    --cylinder marked with a sign reflecting the state and a sign reflecting the type of gas containing.
    --All closed-loop bolts are also empty cylinders and handle empty cylinders are treated with the same care as CDs.
    - - Do not leave the cylinders near the elevators and vertical loads or in the passage of cars and cars
    -. Distinguish oxygen and acetylene cylinders with an auxiliary and flammable gas mark
    -. The lifting of oxygen or acetylene cylinders shall not prevent the presence of flammable substances or exposed oils at the storage location of oxygen or acetylene cylinders and storage in a well ventilated area
    -- The temperature of the medium is not more than 45 C and smoking is strictly prohibited in the sites of loading, storage or use "
    -. The storage, use or exposure of cylinders shall not be prohibited for thermal radiation from the paint kilns or to the volatile substances "Enner-solvent packaging".
    - - circulation of the sections under the supervision of the head of the responsible section and close all cylinders of gas mixture at the end of the working day under the supervision of the heads of the welding sections concerned with the discharge of the remaining pressure links and pressure regulators and verification of the pressure indicator squeaks.

    -. The cylinders shall be transported by their hand trolley regardless of the weight of the cylinder and shall be secured by a protective bond and shall take into account the presence of the cap in all cases.
    -. The use of personal protective equipment shall be considered when trading "safety shoes - protective gloves"
    - - prevents roll or drag to move the cylinders where the fall of the cylinder may cause the break of the foot and the separation of the cap and breaking the valve may lead to the conversion of the cylinder to a semi-guided missile.

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    Re: Gas Storage Tips

    Thanks for sharing your valuable reply.


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