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    Oil and gas flushing helps to maintained pipeline

    Flushing is a routine process to maintain pipeline quality by moving high velocities of oil or gas through a hydrant, for a short duration to remove any particles or materials build up that may have been dislodged from the pipe.
    Oil and gas flushing remove harmful contaminants and keep your new rotating and hydraulic equipment and operating at peak performance; significantly reducing the potential for premature failure.
    Contaminants such as water, rust, loose scale, weld slag, sand, dirt, and oils are removed from the system with a proper pre-operational cleaning, reducing the wear, scoring, and damage bearings, control valves, instrumentation, and critical operating systems are subjected to. Insoluble particles can become trapped in the bearings of rotating equipment and cause significant damage.
    Some of the benefits of oil and gas flushing are as follows:
    Remove deposit build up
    Give your pipeline a clean slate
    Keep new oil and gas clean
    Clean up what the filter misses
    Clean engine parts
    We currently based in Port-Harcourt and hope to extend operation to other part of the country. Flushing is one of our works; we deliver home service if you want us to. For more information visit our website, Kezif Integrated Resources limited.or click on this link to visit our website

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    Re: Oil and gas flushing helps to maintained pipeline


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