Imagine I perform SCAL (Pc + Rel. Perm.) to a single plug and I need to input that information to Eclipse.

1) Where do I get my Swl, (i.e. the minimum water saturation in the SWOF table), from the Pc or from the relative permeability curve?
2) Where do I get my Sor (i.e. first So which makes kro = 0), from the relative permeability data?

Now imagine I have to generate for Eclipse a SWOF table.
3) What happens if the minimum Sw from the Pc and from the rel. perm. curves DO NOT MATCH. Since Pc and kro are written together for a common Sw in the SWOF table, Swl should match for both.

Thank you very much for your help.

See More: Relative Permeability consistency with Pc