DNV GL are pleased to announce the release of Safeti and Phast 8.0. New version takes things one step further and adds dedicated support for buried pipelines within the existing Long Pipeline Model.

The latest release of Phast and Safeti, DNV GLs software for process hazard analysis, brings in an entirely new dispersion model that increases accuracy in predicting the movement of certain types of toxic clouds. The new model significantly improves predictions of releases with short durationsa particular challenge for the modeling of hazardous dispersions.

Companies using the software will benefit from decisions that are based on more realistic models, thereby increasing efficiency and safety in the design and operation of assets where accidents could cause hazardous releases.

xxxx://dl.downloadly.ir/Files/Software2/DNV_GL_AS_Phast_Safety_8.0.33.0.part1_Downloadly.i r.rar
xxxx://dl.downloadly.ir/Files/Software2/DNV_GL_AS_Phast_Safety_8.0.33.0.part2_Downloadly.i r.rar

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