I am hoping someone can help me with this. An application calls for a manual 3-way valve where when the lever is in the center, there is no flow to either of the two outlet ports; when lever is turned from center, flow will go through one of the outlet ports (lets call this south); turned the other way from center, flow to the other outlet port (lets call north). The application also wants to know which outlet port is flowing. So let's say we use two (2) position switches where:

  • both contacts open = lever is in center position (i.e. no flow through either outlet port)

  • one of two switches contact is open while other is closed = lever is turned away from center (i.e. flow to south outlet port)

  • other contact open while second contact is closed = lever is turned away from center (i.e. flow to north outlet port)

The problem I see here is leakage if the lever is not perfectly positioned in one of the three positions (center, right, left). Another problem that could occur if the lever is not fully turned to one of the outlet port positions is that the position switch may not activate.

Does anyone have suggestions to prevent these problems from occurring, even if it means I have to go a totally different route?

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